The encouraging story of Mr. Fearing

This story helped me to understand my own struggle with fear and assurance. I hope it blesses you and that you enjoy it. It is a reblog from my other blog that is devoted to encouragement and joy.

A palace beautiful ~ a resting place on the narrow way

Interpreter Called For a Manservant of His The Pilgrim's Progress Macgregor Pub Jack 1907

from Wikisource

(emphasis added)

Now, as they walked along together, the guide [Great-heart] asked the old gentleman [Honest] if he did not know one Mr. Fearing, that came on pilgrimage out of his parts.

Honest. Yes, very well, said he. He was a man that had the root of the matter in him; but he was one of the most troublesome pilgrims that ever I met with in all my days.

Great-heart. I perceive you knew him, for you have given a very right character of him.

Honest. Knew him! I was a great companion of his; I was with him most an end; when he first began to think upon what would come upon us hereafter, I was with him.

Great-heart. I was his guide from my Master’s house to the gates of the Celestial City.

Honest. Then you knew him to be a troublesome one.

Great-heart. I…

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