I’ll be happy when…..

From Karen, a lovely attitude, apt words, and truly helpful thinking!



I’ll be happy ‘when’…

How many of us have said those words. “I’ll be happy when…” when I loose weight, when I get well, when I can go to Paris, when I get married, when I have a baby, when I get a job, when I get some money in the bank, when I get a house, when I…well you fill in the gaps. Over the last few years I have written posts like ‘Have you got all your ducks in a row?’ (in the heavenlyjava archives). In it I ask the same question. What is happiness, how  do we get it and more importantly, how do we keep it?

These are big questions, and ones that have no easy answer. A wise man once said “happiness is an illusion, only suffering is real”. What he is saying is that happiness per se is in itself an ephemeral state…

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For your Wednesday evening viewing fun – Greta

Greta the dog came into our lives as a rescued 4 month old chihuahua/dachshund mix whose papers said her owners did not want her and could not keep her. We’re glad she is with us. My sister Lu calls her a minx. Lu lives in a place where dogs are regularly abandoned. At least Greta was given up to a safe place, a good dog shelter.

Greta vocalizes a lot, runs a lot and leaps, loves children, tries to make up to cats, barks at anything with wheels. When she was very little, during a visit to my husband’s Dad, Greta had her picture taken by Dad’s wife Sally. Look at her scrawny neck – charming!

People love their animals, sadly sometimes more than other people. Animals, especially pets, have a lovely place in our life – gifts of joy from our amazing and glorious Creator!

Bless you all – Hi to Wally at Church Camp (have fun)!


Greta - "little bit"

Greta – “little bit”