The Gospel is Believing on the Son of God.

Come to Jesus! Jesus saves!

Eternal Blood


I recently posted an article written by a dear friend and brother in Christ, on a man’s pride, which leads to an unwillingness to be saved. After studying the scriptures and praying, my conclusion is, he is exactly right. You see dear friend, the Gospel, in its simplicity, is so very easy to understand. It is man that has diluted it and who makes it complicated. There is only one way, the Bible tells us, that we can be saved. And that is by believing on Jesus Christ, the one and only Son of God. Believing that He came down from heaven, in the form of man, and gave freely his life for us and our sins, and rose from the grave to sit at the right hand of God. That’s it. There’s nothing else. There is no amount of work you can do to be saved. There is no…

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