What Are We Really Afraid Of?

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Thursday Stories

Please read Sera’s story of fear and loss, and the Lord’s love and deliverance!

Mom's Going to Madagascar

Today’s brave story is from a fellow blogger named Sera. Her blog, Prone to Wander, Lord, I Feel It is a joy to read. Head on over there and check out some of her amazing posts!

Stories from the Interwebs

For as long as I can remember, I have always been afraid of someone I love dying. I think it started as a fear of no longer being able to see someone and has since become no longer seeing them because they died. My first memory of this fear planting a seed was when I was in grade school. My parents were a little late to pick us up from school one afternoon and as my sisters and I sat waiting for them, I saw a plane fly overhead. All of a sudden, I started silently crying because this bizarre thought popped into my head that my parents were on…

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On the Narrow Way, you cross a green and flowery meadow called…


Aster Daisies


… the Meadow of Refreshment.

On every hand, lush grass grows, earth’s comfortable pillowing, clothed with countless flowers. The scents and sights are unimaginable! Take off your shoes for a while and carry them, for the grass is cool and tender to your feet. Soon enough, you will have to put all thoughts of comfort behind you, for you will be entering upon new difficulties. But for now…

Birdsong and chirping and the rustling of leaves is the music you’ll hear, with the playing of waters. Streams and pools abound – take a drink, dip your feet in, splash around! All of this is meant for you – the roses and the lilies, and the blooms that have no name in our world. Darting hummingbirds and thrumming bees drink up the nectar of the rich blooms of love and encouragement, hospitality and kindness. Jesus planted the Meadow, for He knows all about the flowers of the field, and all His ways are perfect.

Over your head, the sky is a blue impossible to describe, filled with clouds that are quickly sailing, hastening onward toward God’s Celestial City. Watching the clouds, you will feel as if you are flying too – completely free from every care. Sometimes rain falls, and you can tip your head back and open your mouth. 

You will cross this Meadow on a gentle incline the entire way, to show you that what you truly need – your heart’s desire – is still before you. Warning signs are posted about this:

“Hurry on!”

“Keep moving!”

“The Celestial City is straight ahead!”

It’s tempting to lay down, believing the earth to be your mother and resting upon her. But if you linger too long, laying on your back and gazing up, with a buttercup to your lips, you will fall asleep. For comfort is an extraordinarily powerful thing, and unless held lightly – like many of God’s good gifts – can cause you to forget that danger is near.

For you see, silent amid the grasses, tawny as an herb of the field, unseen and calculating, a lion lies in wait – the Enemy of God and man.