Jesus, the way, Where Will This Way Lead You?

By the grace of God, Jerry has adorned the Gospel and done more of the blessed and encouraging work of Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress.

Continue to pray in the Spirit for one another, brethren!

And Then Messiah Shall Come

The straight and narrow is not a boring road as one from the world and unfamiliar with it might imagine. It’s a somewhat dangerous journey, but the scenery, oh the scenery is so beautiful at times. And the people you meet, they offer some of the most profound insights into life.

The road takes us through valleys that are filled with dread, and that require all the physical, mental and Spiritual strength that one can muster. No it’s not an easy road, oh there are those who claim it to be, but in most cases I find that they are seated in one of the shelters on the top of Mt Calvary, where the narrow gate is located. To leave the shelter is scary business, but following Jesus requires it. The trek down through the valley from Mt Calvary is very steep and narrow with occasional pits, vipers and false…

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