10 thoughts on “John Gill in a meme

    • jm, this is interesting to know about you. At this point I don’t know enough to make comparisons except perhaps on the basis of credo-baptism, which is where I stand. Strangely though I had no qualms about having the grand babies baptized as Lutherans and felt sad for our one little grandchild who was not baptized. My feeling was that she had been “left out”.


      • When it comes to baptism I believe professors should be baptized but i don’t get too worked up about infant baptism. Lutherans believe baptism actually regenerates the infant. But here’s a thought, what’s the difference between a baby dedication in a Baptist church and infant baptism? One is wet. The other dry. Both serve as a means to include the infant into the church body. What’s the dif between confirmation and professors baptism? One is wet. The other dry. Both serve as a means for the individual to make a profession of faith publicly.

        I’m with Gill on a lot of things. Recently I’ve been studying Toplady, Gill’s Anglican friend. Both men need to be read and rediscovered.

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