Prayer request urgent – our young friend

Our 26-year-old friend is ill. She was mistreated in a Romanian orphanage until age 4, when adopted by U.S. parents. Was a premie with a subsequent history of starvation, abuse, neglect, and illnesses such as hepatitis.

She was recently catheterized and is bleeding into cath bag.

77 thoughts on “Prayer request urgent – our young friend

  1. Maria, prayers are lifted to the throne of grace to our great High Prienst who sits at the Father’s right hand to receive every request, even though He knows the need already. He intercedes as the Holy Spirit through us prays. We wait and praise Him for His glory in every need. Blessings for you and her as you minister to this dear one.

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  2. Brothers and sisters, thanks be to God, after a doctor’s visit our friend went to work for a of couple of hours today. She feels some relief from pain and has more tests to be done. She believes that her suffering is strengthening her faith. She prays a lot, for everyone in the world is what she does! Thank you for praying for her. When you can please lift her up to the Lord – I know you will know how to pray for someone who has suffered frrom her earliest days.
    ❤ \o/

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