R.C. Sproul on Eschatology – Whispering, shouting

R. C. Sproul, Sr.

Postmillennialist Partial Preterist

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01 Apr 2004

“I notice that some people say that Sproul is one of the greatest theologians of our times. I know that many would disagree because they do not agree with him, etc. I would like to add however, that I have been fortunate enough to have talked with him (as well as his son) on occasion, and while I agree with a great deal of what he teaches, the greatest reason for me to respect him to such a high degree is this: When we were talking about eschatology, (this was a few years ago) he stated as plainly as he could what he believed, but then even more clearly stated that he just didn’t know when it came to some things. He said that he was on the same path to wisdom that everybody is on and he can say no more than that. I received an almost identical response on another topic that came up as well. That said, what I truly appreciate was the fact that he was humbled before the Lord and felt no shame at admitting he didn’t know some thing or another. I truly appreciate that from someone in his position. Whether I agree with him or not on many or few subjects, I will always have great respect for the man because of his humble servant character that I witnessed. He sheds a little light on this in his works on eschatology in particular when he says that he feels best whispering where he believes God has whispered. He said that he was not willing, personally, to shout where he had not yet received ‘shouting’ knowledge. Just wanted to share that.”

2 thoughts on “R.C. Sproul on Eschatology – Whispering, shouting

  1. I am a fan of the late Dr. Sproul. His video series were a must in my Sunday school class, the Video College of Biblical Knowledge. The class insisted on only one series per year. Too much of a good thing? I have a great respect for those who are very knowledgeable, enough to admit that they don’t know everything.

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