20 thoughts on “Losing Focus of the Truth

  1. I hope all pastors who hear this sermon will do as he is doing by the clean-up of his church. I pray every reader/listener will spread this as best as they can, too.

    Thanks for reblogging, sister! \o/

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  2. Maria, thank you for reblogging this excellent sermon! Pastor Jim spoke on several of the issues we discuss here at WP but are generally avoided by most pastors even if they are concerned. I have posted a few comments on Sherry’s blog.

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      • Thanks, Maria! What happened at this church is happening all over the world as a portion of members confront the drift into error. Unfortunately, I think a lot of times it’s the pastor who is leading the drift.

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        • I believe pastors are giving responsibilities to those who can do the job yet are not doing the discernment oversight. For example, Ladies Bible Study are usually overseen by the pastor’s wife and so he feels he can trust her in what she teaches or brings to the study. He probably doesn’t know anything is wrong with Beth Moore, nor does his wife who hasn’t done her due diligence in discernment. Even Ladies Bible Study needs quality control… 🙂

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