16 thoughts on “Funny bones

  1. I started laughing when the pope added his theology quickly at the end of the song.

    It is no laughing matter, however, that popular “Christians” like Kenneth Copeland , for one, thinks that the Reformation is no longer a necessary part of our history. Very sad to see “protestants” bowing towards Rome.

    This little cartoon sums up the current pope’s efforts imo.

    Thank you for sharing, Maria.

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      • It is an interesting post and, I think, the timing is good. I have not done a post on the passing of Billy Graham and I’m not sure that I want to.
        A friend of mine did a post the day of his passing and wondered what people thought about Mr. Graham’s influence on our culture. He mostly was asking if others thought Billy was a Universalist.
        I had to be honest. Billy Graham gave some great messages and many became Christians through his ministry. At the same time, I am of the opinion that if all of those who went forward at Billy Graham crusades indeed became disciples that there is a good chance that abortion would have never become legal in America.
        If I am right, it is not Billy Graham’s fault that abortion became legal and afterwards the moral foundations of a pretty Christian society continued to unravel at a quick pace. The blame for that lies at the feet of the millions of people who consider themselves Christians and either say (said) nothing on the topic or still support it, and a large part of society that has become very rebellious.
        The thing I couldn’t have done, or if I had of done it I would have had to publicly acknowledge it as a great mistake in judgment, is the fact that Billy sent people back to Catholic churches.
        As I understand it, many “wayward Catholics” went back to being under the influence of Rome after Billy Graham crusades.
        It will be interesting to see how his son continues the ministry. I heard him speak at his father’s funeral and he gave a very good message.

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