24 thoughts on “Christian blogging – The importance of capital ‘B’

  1. I am probably guilty of this…I prefer His Word or Scriptures/scriptures, so when I use Bible, its rare and I am not paying attention. I also have a keypad that doesn’t always capitalize my letters-done this since I bought it years ago.

    Have a blessed day! \o/.

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  2. This is a beautiful reminder, dear sister! We simply can not honor Gods Word enough, for the Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us. What a precious thing it is to hold the words of God in our hands. Grace and peace to you!

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  3. I agree with you Maria in that every time I see the Bible with a lower case b or the God with a lower case g; it’s irritating because God’s name should be capitalized. For me, that’s why I probably like using the NKJV Bible because it capitalizes the Lord’s name.

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