What was it like to live in 16th century Geneva?

1 Corinthians 14:40


40 Let all things be done decently and in order.

I hope you enjoy learning a little more about the city in which the French refugee, John Calvin, lived and taught.

Calvin’s Flight from Paris – Courtesy CHI.

About Dr. Reeves, from his YouTube channel:

I am Associate Professor of Historical Theology at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and Dean of the Jacksonville campus. My PhD was in Historical Theology from Cambridge University, and my goals here are to provide free, quality explorations of the life of the church and the history of doctrine. I don’t take myself too seriously, though I always try to take each subject seriously. I also do not expect everyone to agree with me on everything. That is the fun of history: a lot to argue over! People may also be interested in my blog, where I at times write things (instead of make videos):


Geneva - Saint Pierre - photo by Σπάρτακος

Geneva – Saint Pierre cathedral – photo by Σπάρτακος


18 thoughts on “What was it like to live in 16th century Geneva?

  1. Too common is the judgement against Calvin, by today’s standards and by the ignorance of the culture that he lived in.
    I’ve heard that it was many years after his death that the term “Calvinism” came about to denote the biblical doctrine of election. I’ve said it before: Calvin would probably not take kindly to having a doctrine named after him. People who call him a heretic are slandering a brother in Christ due to their ignorance of the doctrine of election. Slanderers will not make it into the Kingdom of God…

    Have a blessed day, Maria! \o/

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    • Sherry, some people repeat this without understanding what they’re saying. Too, many may not know that the doctrines of sovereign grace were held by all the reformers who by God’s grace returned the Bible to us. Ignorance does play into the accusation of slander.
      Lord bless your study of these issues!

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  2. ..As A Geneva Born And Bred, You Couldn’t Touch My Heart Much More.
    One Thing I Like To Share it Is The Clothing Still Today, The Black And White, Grey, Dark Green….Nothing Flashy..Or You Will Feel The Weight Of The Humbleness That’s Lacking…Apparently.
    Thank You…I Hope Come Back For More

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  3. Julius Caesar Is The Founder of Geneva,He Build A Bridge At the End of The Lake And The Start Of The Rhone River, A Bridge Stand At The Same Place..But Not The Original Material..
    Confoederatio Helvetica, The Hevelt Part Is Mostly The Celt Living In The Mountains, Julius Caesar After Few Battles..Did Say Something Like : You Stay In Your Mountains And You Leave Our Settlements Alone. Unless It Is For Trade.
    Pax Romana…
    Post Tenebras Lux. Post Tenebras Lux Is The Motto Of The Town Of Geneva But Also Like A Gathering Password. Calvin Was A Sad Fellow..If You Laugh, If You Enjoy Yourselves…It Is Like Going Away From The Right Track. But When I’m In Church And Open To A Hymn And I See John Calvin, I Feel Respect I Feel Hisrory….
    God Bless You Maria ..(Hello Sherry)
    I Still want To Speak Of John Knox, But I Don’t Know When…

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  4. Hello Maria,
    Correction On Previous Text Helvet And Not Hevelt And History And Not Hisrory lol

    Well If I Choose That Picture It Was For The Lion Rampant..Flag Of Royal Scotland. The Middle One Is Geneva And The Other, The Canton Of Bern ( Once Geneva Call For Help, And Around 24 Hours They Were There, Like Firemen Changing In Seconds, And Hit The Road…But The Battle Was Over, Same ForWar, Not Any Time Soon. They Made A Monument To Honor Those Bern People. Also Bern Is Protestant And Its Armies Were Knows During Swiss Inner Religious War)
    Europe Is In Blood, Spanish Fight In The Nederland, France Is A Mess (Still Is) St Barthelemy Were Baby Are Throw Away By The Windows.
    And England And Scotland, England for Time Pass From Protestant To Catholic And Change Again, Scotland Is At Is Own Mercy. So, Many Scots Leave For Nothern Ireland And Start To Work The Land, When The Republic Of Ireland Did Expect To Add Ulster And Say English Go Home..There Is A Clear Result.
    So, John Knox As Once Again Scotland Turning Catholic…And I mean Like Everything Protestant Been Pass By Fire Water Sword On Site.John Knox Manage To Escape And After A Long Travel. By Sea By Land Arrive To The City Of Calvin (As Geneva Is Often Call)

    I Will Picture Of The Church. Which Touch The Calvin Auditorium

    If You Can There Is This :

    “”Guillaume Farel Jean Calvin Thedore de Beze John Knox. If They Knew, Especially Calvin, Pull All That Down…And Saying Haven’t I Told You Better…??””

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    • Wil, yes! I think the men pictured in the Reformation Monument would not like this monument! Did you that Mary Tudor, Catholic Queen of England, desecrated reformer Martin Bucer’s grave in England?
      Yes! unending bloodshed! Someone has said that our human history is the history of war.
      Lord bless you, Wil!!

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      • Hello Maria,
        I Don’t Know Who Is Martin Bucer (I Will Check),But Mary Tudor (Bloody Mary) Taste As the Same Name Drink Awful For The Least.
        About John Knox Still. John Knox Was A Widower, And Yet He Married Again With A Much Younger Woman. This Had Like Today Press, Bringing Lust In His Aura. But It Didn’t Went That Way, They Were A Close Couple Had A Few Children. I Guess They Were Close, As To Encourage To Stand Up In Christ, As To Sit Down And Listen!

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        • Wil, hi! Thank you for the information about John Knox! I’m glad he married. In every era, people will gossip and slander.

          The Reformer Martin Bucer was a former Dominican priest. He helped the younger Calvin to grow. Bucer was part of the Reformation in Strasbourg. He sought safety in England. I’m learning about him, first by reading about his relationship with Jean Calvin in a biography of Calvin called John Calvin: Pilgrim And Pastor, by Calvin scholar W. Robert Godfrey.

          Thank you!!


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