Chicken versus 🐟 and 🍤 – the answer!

Have you had your paczki(s) for Fat Tuesday? Mmm!


Are you now fasting? No Chicken in a Biskit for awhile? No🐔🐓 only fish 🐟 and 🍟?


Chicken In A Biskit Original Crackers, 8-Ounce Units (Pack of 6)
 About the product:
  • Made with cooked chicken for natural flavor
  • Cholesterol-free; no trans fats; 6% RDA of iron per serving
  • Crunchy, light and perfectly seasoned baked crackers
  • Serve with soup, salads and your favorite dips

HT: excatholic4christ

But really, there is life after paczkis! You don’t have to fast from meat to please the Lord. This is not meant to mock but help you. . .

Watch a whacky video about the important subject of Lent! Fast, yes –the Lord said we would – but not necessarily now. . .



29 thoughts on “Chicken versus 🐟 and 🍤 – the answer!

  1. Maria, I enjoyed the humorous slant. Thanks for the HT and the paczki! Paczki aren’t available in Rochester because the Polish population is small but they’re readily available in Buffalo next door. If the filling is not plum/prune jam or rose hips jam it’s not true paczki in my opinion. 🙂 Even as a child, the idea of gorging one’s self the day before Ash Wednesday on Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras struck me as just a lot of insincerity. Praise the Lord for freeing us from these chains!

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