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By W. R. Owens and Anne Page

Bunyan’s High Street cottage

1628   Bunyan born at Elstow, near Bedford (baptized 30 November), the eldest child of Thomas Bunyan (1603–76), a brazier, and his second wife Margaret Bentley (1603–44).

(June) Petition of Right, an early attempt by Parliament to limit the royal prerogative, is accepted by Charles I. (August) George Villiers, Ist Duke of Buckingham, a favourite of Charles’s is assassinated.

1629   (March) Dissolution of Parliament and beginning of Charles I’s personal rule (to 1640).

1633   (February) William Prynne imprisoned for an attack on stage-plays. (August) William Laud appointed Archbishop of Canterbury. (October) Birth of Prince James (the future James II). Publication of George Herbert’s The Temple and John Donne’s Poems.

1637   (June) Puritans William Prynne, John Bastwick and Henry Burton are tried and punished (branded and ears cut off) for publishing pamphlets against episcopacy. (July) Riots in Edinburgh against imposition of the English Prayer Book. (November) Trial of John Hampden for refusing to pay Ship Money.

Read the rest at the link below. This timeline is loaded with facts about Bunyan’s life, times, and views.

Source: Bunyan chronology

Proverbs 25:13

Like the cold of snow in time of harvest
Is a faithful messenger to those who send him,
For he refreshes the soul of his masters.


26 thoughts on “Resource for Bunyan fans

    • Hi, Tom! Yes, the language is challenging, but actually so is the allegory. There are so many awful types of professing Christians that show up on the narrow way that sometimes I’ve felt a little frightened as if where are the genuine Christians? But it is after all an allegory. I’m sure, though, that Bunyan actually did meet people who were like Mr. Formalism, etc. Give it a read on a snowy day. It would be fun to read your reaction.

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