Why it’s “Happy Reformation Day” – why we should care

Because the Lord made this day, and all others, because He is in Heaven and does whatsoever He pleases and all that He does is good!

Thank you, Lord, for the Bible in our own language! For the men whose studies You guided!

Thank you for worship that is more Biblical and that we aren’t compelled to offer false worship to bread and wine!

Thank you for brothers and sisters who went before us, having grown strong in the faith and having overcome! For Tyndale and others who loved not their lives unto the death! All this is of You, Father in Heaven!

Thank you for the so-called Magisterial and Radical Reformers who served you with an upright spirit! For their strengths and weaknesses! And for forgiving their sins and our own!

Thank you for the events recorded in Bible history, Old and New, and the unfolding history of Your Church, for its inspiration and lessons to take to heart!

For the great cloud of witnesses, from Adam to Abraham to the Apostle John, to the Reformers, martyrs, and confessors of that age – and all ages!

For sending Your Son, for His patient endurance of such contradiction of sinners against Himself!

For His costly saving blood!

For the Holy Spirit Who came to live in us and teach us and guide us!

For one another!

For prayer, for praise, for hymns and psalms, for Your great goodness in all You are and do!

For answered prayer and joy made complete!

Happy Reformation Day, happy 500th year! Its victories belong to each of us who are believing Jesus Christ! 

1 Timothy 1:17

Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, to God who alone is wise, be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen.

16 thoughts on “Why it’s “Happy Reformation Day” – why we should care

  1. Yes, Lord God! Thank You! Thank You, Father, for giving us Your Son and leaving Your Spirit until Your work is done! \o/ Thank You for choosing us to be Your children and drawing us to Your Son for our salvation and His righteousness! \o/

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