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This quote comes from one of three posts in a series called On Pharisees: Collection of Short Posts on Pharisees beyond the Cliche. I really enjoyed thinking about this issue, especially as I was criticized recently for being legalistic. Maybe all Christians experience this criticism at some time. May the Lord help our critics to be wrong! 


“The Pharisees are known for not having grace.  The Sadducees are known for not embracing truth. But in actually the Pharisees and Sadducees are bickering cousins, for they are two different forms of unbelief.  Turn to Jesus as revealed in the Bible for the truth and for grace.”

In opposing Pharisees, do not become a Sadducee

Pastor Jim


12 thoughts on “Quote of the day – SLIMJIM

  1. Good mornin Maria.
    If you don’t want to share then certainly that’s your right.
    But what was the accusation of you being legalistic?
    I’m not here cast stones. I recall you once pleading with people to please not post images of Jesus.
    I agree with your plea, because I too see that as a violation of God’s command.

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    • Hi, Lee! Lee, a Christian friend I’ve known for several years sends jokes via email. She is a recent widow who helped her husband through Alzheimer’s and has had a difficult life all around. She dislikes reading serious things and sends jokes. The last joke she mailed to us was kind of if-y so I deleted it A couple days later she wrote and asked if I was offended. I told her that we weren’t offended but concerned for her because of this verse:

      Hebrews 12:14 Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord:

      We’ve had disagreements before. She wrote back and told me I was legalistic and that there couldn’t be agreement between us on the kind of faith we each have and that she was considering what to do with our friendship. After talking about this with my husband I left this email unanswered. In the past she and I have disagreed about images too. My husband sent her a really neat video from a woodcarver who also paints. It was a lovely nature painting – chipmunks.

      This has been troubling me.

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      • That’s a tough one ain’t it? Because it’s hard to know if she’s just releasing some pressure, venting a little, from the great burden she’s been carrying.
        But even if that’s the case, you still have to be true to not violate your conscience.
        I’ve had similar stuff come my way, (from a family member)… Emails with jokes, some of which contained vulgar jokes. And what I did was tell them that I enjoyed the jokes except for the vulgar ones.
        And I haven’t gotten a vulgar one since.
        (Sometimes people just don’t see it do they)?

        Stay true to the word of God, and suffer the persecution if it comes. But try to help her in her grief to the extent that you can.

        Thank you for sharing that with me as well.
        Lord bless you Maria.

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    • Lee, brother, we struggle to make it to worship service. We always have. Now we are in an independent Baptist fellowship, but never become members. I see it as, we should stay despite our dissatisfaction, for example, with the use of images, and participate, given the example we have in Revelation of believers being in all kinds of fellowships and remaining faithful where they are. Most of the people are much more faithful.

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      • I have a similarity with y’all. I also attend a small baptist church, and I’m not a member.
        My wife has some mobility struggles, so I’m the one who attends. And I generally only go to the Sunday evening service anymore.

        They’re sweet people, I’ve got no problem with them. It’s the whole system of institutionalized church that gnaws at me.

        I want to participate fully with everybody at a gathering. And ya can’t do that with everybody facing the same direction, and having to follow the template of what one man presents.
        Don’t misunderstand me, I appreciate good teaching and preaching, I love it.
        But there’s no expression of God through each person to the other.
        Even in Sunday school, you’re allowed a few brief comments or questions, but the pre decided lesson is the rythm that everyone must supremely follow.

        Maybe I’m wrong in my perspective Maria, and probably I’ll look back at my mindset I have now and be ashamed of myself for my ignorance and rebellion.

        I just want in real life, kinda like what we bloggers have right here…mutual sharing of what God is doing in our lives, without any one person dominating and controlling what will be discussed.

        Lord bless you.

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        • Lee, I believe you’re right in that church should include more participation, and the preacher and people should be open to the Spirit of God and how He is leading, and follow Him in good order. Wanting the involvement of people isn’t wrong unless we become impatient or want our own way. This is a Godly desire.

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  2. Thanks again Maria for sharing that quote! In our day and age many among “Evangelicals” are so quick to use the term “Pharisees” when sometimes they are not and are actually Biblical Christians!

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