Prayer request for a friend!

Our neighbor had serious surgery that was botched, is in the hospital again after a month in hospital and a month in a rehab facility, and has to make a decision about more surgery. She is very ill and alone and scared. Her husband died two years ago and her children haven’t seen her.

Please pray!

In Jesus love,




23 thoughts on “Prayer request for a friend!

  1. May God comfort and reassure her of His love and continued presence. I ask that Jesus would make things simple for her, in whatever decisions need to be made, and may caregivers, like yourself, continue to come to her aid, so that she can feel the genuine love of the Father.

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  2. I understand where she is, mentally, my wife nearly died five years ago due to hospital ‘neglect’. May God intervene on her behalf. As for the cruelty of her children, I have seen this more and more, it’s heart breaking and there is no way to make ‘sense’ of it. May it please the Lord to comfort her despite their neglect. When you see her please read Numbers 6:24-26 to her along with John 14:27 & 28.


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