Keeping informed — The confusion and grief of fatherless children

The Church of Rome has so many laws, why did no one think it right and just and compassionate to provide legally for the children of priests?

Children of Catholic priests live with secrets and sorrow

By Michael Rezendes | Photos by Suzanne Kreiter | Videos by Emily Zendt, Globe Staff August 16, 2017


“. . . By any reasonable measure, there are thousands of others who have strong evidence that they are the sons and daughters of Catholic priests, though most are unaware that they have so much company in their pain. In Ireland, Mexico, Poland, Paraguay, and other countries, in American cities big and small — indeed, virtually anywhere the church has a presence — the children of priests form an invisible legion of secrecy and neglect, a Spotlight Team review has found.

“Their exact number can’t be known, but with more than 400,000 priests worldwide, many of them inconstant in their promise of celibacy, the potential for unplanned children is vast. And this also comes through loud and plain: The sons and daughters of priests often grow up without the love and support of their fathers, and are often pressured or shamed into keeping the existence of the relationship a secret. They are the unfortunate victims of a church that has, for nearly 900 years, forbidden priests to marry or have sex, but has never set rules for what priests or bishops must do when a clergyman fathers a child. . .”

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10 thoughts on “Keeping informed — The confusion and grief of fatherless children

  1. Thanks for reposting, Maria! Who knows how many “illegitimate” children resulted from the discipline of celibacy over the centuries. And the children could never be acknowledged because of the “embarrassment” they would bring to the church. What tremendous amount of pain and shame people had to endure in the name of the church.

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  2. That’s sad ain’t it?
    I hadn’t thought about this I guess, and I’m glad you mentioned the plight of these poor children. God bless their little hearts. We have a sweet little girl who we’re adopting, and she’s living with us now. And my heart hurts for little children that have no family.
    God bless these little angels.

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