Food Fight at The Masters Table

Bless the Lord for how He works to correct us!

Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary


Let me preface this post by saying I don’t belong to Facebook, or Pal Talk. I used to belong to Pal Talk a number of years ago. In the beginning I found a group where one could worship the LORD JESUS, and felt the Holy Spirit moving amongst those who gathered there. But that group disbanded for some reason. Since then, lets just say it seems to have become a haunt for every evil spirit out there, with constant infighting, insults, mud slinging and “bouncing out of the room” or “red dotting”, those who disagreed with, or questioned, even innocently, something the speaker is saying. And this, mind you, happens in “Christian” rooms.

After several bad experiences, I decided it wasn’t a healthy environment for spiritual growth and/or fellowship and so, I left and moved on.

Now, about Facebook, as I said, I never felt led to join, and having…

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12 thoughts on “Food Fight at The Masters Table

  1. Maria and Sherry, I was blessed by this video of Justin Peters’ take on the White/Qadhi/Howse fiasco. God’s Word says we must earnestly contend for the faith and mark false teachers, but we are also to speak the truth and admonish with the love of Christ. A good reminder for us all. As Justin says, the reason for his para-church ministry is because pastors and church leaders didn’t speak up when wolves entered the sheepfold. I think many/most in the church now look down upon ANY denunciation of false teaching as sectarian and divisive. But, yes, there’s a way to admonish a brother or sister and we need to keep that in mind. And we shouldn’t turn the minors into the majors when we interact with the saints. We must honor the Lord in what we say (and write). Sometimes I become hateful when I contemplate the false teachers leading souls astray, but I need to love them and pray for them as I continue to warn against their errors.

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  2. Thanks, sister. As Peters said, even some of the best defenders of the Gospel can do something very strange at times. In John MacArthur’s last book, he favorably quoted G. K. Chesterton. I could get all upset and vow to never reference MacArthur again because of that unexplainable error, but it’s a small blip in light of his entire ministry.

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