Antichrist World Seduction And his False Church – Documentary

These teachers greatly helped me when I began to learn the truth about Roman Catholicism. This was many years after the Lord saved me. It took that long. 

HT: Sherry’s blog – thank you, sister!

19 thoughts on “Antichrist World Seduction And his False Church – Documentary

  1. Universalism is not Biblical. There is no question. There is only one way to reconciliation between God and man. That way is clearly taught in the Bible. It is through the finished work of Jesus Christ, NOT SOME IDEA THAT MAN HAS.
    Thank you for sharing, Maria. Only two surprises for me here, the quotes of Chuck Smith (Calvary Chapel), and a representative of the LCMS (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod) approaching the pope.
    I can understand how many former Catholics think, and they may very well be correct, that the false prophet will be a Catholic leader. The number of Catholics make it a good possibility. Guys like Rick Warren make me think it is also possible that a popular “Evangelical” could fill that evil role.
    If any of your readers would like more information on the problems with Catholicism in particular, I have found Keith Thompson’s documentary very helpful. It is long and should be taken in parts:

    As a former Catholic, you have much more credibility than I to address the Catholic part of this issue. Agreement on important things like abortion and marriage are important, but the importance of the issue of salvation cannot be diminished. “Sola fide, Sola, gratia, and Sola Scriptura:” these are the cries of freedom that came from the reformation. Anything else is bondage.
    God’s blessings…

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    • Chris, yes! anything else is bondage. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is so simple and pure.

      We too were surprised to see a representative from LCMS approach the Pope, because essentially this has the appearance of submission to authority. (Maybe I’ve mentioned it before but my husband ‘s daughter and her family worship in the Lutheran Church Wisconsin Synod.) There are those who believe, and you may know this as all the Reformers did, that the papacy is the Antichrist, the Catholic priesthood being the false prophet and pointing people to his worship.

      Thank you so much for giving a link to Keith Thompson’s work! We’ve been wanting to see this.

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      • You’re welcome, Maria. I remember learning a great deal from Keith’s documentary.
        You have mentioned the Wisconsin Synod before and I bet they would not allow one of their leaders to submit to the pope. I’m pretty sure they are better than the LCMS on such issues.
        I am aware of the strong feelings about the reformers towards the papacy. I know that Charles Spurgeon wrote and spoke about this. I wasn’t aware (probably just forgot as the brain continues to get along without much of a good memory) that many thought that the Catholic priesthood was the false prophet. That is very interesting.
        I know we’ve had this discussion before but I do believe the spirit of Antichrist is already in the world but that there be an individual who will personify evil and he will have an “assistant,” namely, his false prophet.
        I’m pretty sure we already covered this “ground” and the scriptures pertaining to it so I’ll leave the future in God’s hands and acknowledge that any current opinions I have about the coming tribulation are only one of many scriptural possibilities.
        Thank you (and Sherry) for helping Catholics to see the tremendous difference in doctrine that made the Reformation necessary and continues to make it so. I know the doctrine of salvation by faith/works should bother me the most. It bothers me but for some reason the strange traditions that exists in that “church” give me the creeps. Some of it is as eerie as the “grave soaking” being done by non-Catholics such as those at Bethel Bible Church in Redding, California.
        Leave it to man to come up with such unholy ideas!
        God’s blessings…

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