Ergun Caner: Remorse and Repentance vs. Remorse and Penance

The general principles, helpful word studies, and Biblical counsel of Pastor Jim’s article are extremely helpful.

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There has been much to do about the whole Ergun Caner controversy: with what he have publically stated over the years, and whether or not he has “repented”, etc.

I won’t be pouring here the details and argue that he has lied, etc.  I want to focus on what true remorse and repentance means.  I think Christians who have exposed Caner want to see a true repentance because ultimately any offense Caner committed is against the LORD first.

TurretinFan has written on the topic of Ergun Caner and his apology HERE and HERE, and in light of that I thought it is important that the whole discussion must come to term with a biblical understanding of repentance and penance. That is the subject of this post.


In considering the distinction between penance and repentance, it is sobering to consider the similarities and differences between Judas…

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10 thoughts on “Ergun Caner: Remorse and Repentance vs. Remorse and Penance

  1. Thanks, Maria. This is a very good analysis of repentance from Pastor Jim. It’s beyond my comprehension why someone would attempt to try to divorce godly repentance from accepting Christ as Savior but as you imply here, perhaps they are confusing repentance with penance.

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    • Tom, yes, it is a good analysis and I’m glad you had an opportunity to read it! Because of the state of the contemporary church in America, some Christians are so discouraged with teachers that they are dismissive of them and believe that our only teacher should be the Spirit of God.

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      • Maria, yup, there’s always been bad/false teachers out there but that surely doesn’t mean we should toss the baby out with the bath water. We must study the Word ourselves and use plenty of discernment when it comes to pastors and teachers but I have been so blessed by godly teachers. I love to dig deep into the Word with my Bible dictionary, commentaries, and concordance. I’m currently reading a book by Martyn Lloyd-Jones about the Sermon on the Mount and it’s like having an inspiring sermon on every page. So deep. I understand people’s frustration with the church, but I have to say, I wouldn’t attend a church run by some of these rogue Christians who pontificate unorthodox and heretical views here at WordPress, either.

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        • Tom, I couldn’t agree more. Our human tendency is to go to extremes – for example, disregard all teachers and believe we know better – in order to escape some false and/or hypocritical teachers.
          About WordPress, blogging here has been an education. For example, I’d known something about Arius but here I encountered a “Oneness” Pentecostal teacher promoting his heretical book.

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          • I can relate about the blogging experience being an education. I realize we all hold to some different secondary beliefs and that’s fine but I just can’t cooperate with people who espouse Oneness or some other really heretical/unorthodox beliefs. I had to unfollow a person recently who I had followed from Day 1 because I just could not find anything to “like” about her posts. On the other hand, there are many here at WP that are so loosey goosey and ecumenical when it comes to doctrine that I can’t engage with them either just as I’m sure they don’t want to engage with a “doctrinalist sectarian.”

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