4 thoughts on “The Twisting of “Faith Alone”

  1. Catholics always like to bring up the Book of James as if it supports their position. James was talking to believers that thought since they are saved, they don’t need to work because they have been sealed. But, a sealed person is a changed person who is spurred by the Living Spirit dwelling in their hearts to praise, glorify and honor God through works. Works is a result of a saving faith. Without a saving faith, one cannot please God because to please God will have to be through His Spirit because He will know how to please Him according to John 4. So, without being saved and not having the Holy Spirit we will have no good works but after salvation, we will have good works.

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    • True, Spaniardviii! I know Catholics who accuse us of rejecting good works altogether because we believe in salvation by grace alone through faith alone, instead of admitting that we preach that works are the result of the new life that Jesus gives us. It’s unfair. But there are professing “Christians” to whom James was preaching rightly and Catholics can see their folly.

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  2. A couple thoughts about James 2:24
    1. It’s a direct answer the questions: “What good is it, my brothers, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can that faith save him?” – James 2:14 In other words, saving faith always produces works.
    2. Our works in the name of Christ “declare” before men that we have been saved, and in some way ‘justify’ us before men. (Mtt 5:16)
    #1 should settle it. #2 can also apply, but not as strongly.

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