Did Mary appear at Fatima, truly?


The crowd looking at “the Miracle of the Sun”, occurred during the Our Lady of Fatima apparitions, October 13, 1917.

Would Mary, Jesus’ Mother, have said these words to Lúcia dos Santos, glorifying herself and misleading this little girl? 

“. . .Jesus wants to use you to make Me known and loved. He wishes to establish the devotion to My Immaculate Heart throughout the world. I promise salvation to whoever embraces it; these souls will be dear to God, like flowers put by Me to adorn his throne.”

Should we follow a man who makes outrageous claims for this visionary being?

“In his prayer at this ‘Chapel of the Apparitions’ at Fatima, Francis continuously exalted Mary, praying to her, adoring her, attributing great names and powers to her: ‘Hail, Holy Queen, Blessed Virgin of Fatima, Lady of Immaculate Heart, our refuge and our way to God!’  ‘Hail, Mother of Mercy, Lady robed in white!’  ‘Hail, life and sweetness, Hail, our hope, O Pilgrim Virgin, O Universal Queen!  In the depths of your being, in your Immaculate Heart, you keep the joys of men and women as they journey to the Heavenly Homeland…. With your virginal smile, enliven the joy of Christ’s Church.  With your gaze of sweetness, strengthen the hope of God’s children.  With your hands lifted in prayer to the Lord, draw all people together into one human family.’  ‘Show us the strength of your protective mantle.  In your Immaculate Heart, be the refuge of sinners and the way that leads to God.’  It is easy to see that in the mind of the Jesuit pope, Mary is a goddess, with divine powers, deserving worship.  As these words of his show plainly, he looks to Mary, not Christ, to lead him to God!

“Oh, what a world of tragedy is contained within the following words of Francis!  ‘My one hope of glory, Lord, is this: that your Mother will take me in her arms, shelter me beneath her mantle, and set me close to your heart.’  Imagine the awful spiritual state of one whose only hope of glory is in Mary!  He has no hope of being enfolded in the arms of Jesus the only and true Shepherd: ‘He [Jesus] shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm, and carry them in his bosom, and shall gently lead those that are with young’ (Isa. 40:11).  He desires shelter beneath Mary’s mantle, but the psalmist knew better than to seek shelter beneath any but the Lord: ‘For thou [God] hast been a shelter for me’ (Psa. 61:3).  Christ alone is the Man, yea that very God-Man, who ‘shall be as an hiding place from the wind, and a covert from the tempest; as rivers of water in a dry place, as the shadow of a great rock in a weary land’ (Isa. 32:2).

The Lying “Lady” of Fatima by Shaun Willcock

Bible Based Ministries, UK

The Lying Lady of Fatima, PDF format

9 thoughts on “Did Mary appear at Fatima, truly?

  1. Maria, about 30 miles outside of Rochester is a small town where about 20 of the high school girls came down with severe nervous tics at the same time. This was 5 years ago. The parents thought it had something to do with toxins in the drinking water. No, it was a case of mass hysteria. I used to dismiss these apparitions and accompanying miracles as religious hysteria but I now tend to think demonic activity is involved as well. Willcock makes some excellent observations but unfortunately he gets into some Jack Chick-like accusations about the Jesuits creating communism, initiating both world wars, etc. I see Chick publications are a staple on his website.

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    • Tom, the Chick tracts are kind of horrendous and they promoted a fraud about “Alberto”, I know, so I see your point about Chick – forgot to say this in my other comment. I’m just very concerned about ongoing Counter-Reformation. Bless you for contributing your insights. They’re always wanted and needed.

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      • Thanks, Maria. There’s no doubt the Jesuits were involved in plenty of skullduggery that we won’t find in history books but Chick made many claims based solely on Alberto’s “secret knowledge” that are otherwise unverifiable and many of those claims are so outrageous. I don’t mean to go off on a tangent about Chick in a post about Fatima and Marian apparitions but Willcock puts forward Chick’s allegations quite often. Thanks for your kind words and I always appreciate your openness to an alternate viewpoint. Bless you, sister!

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        • Tom, in thinking about your comment I rechecked the footnotes to Shaun Willcock’s article. He referenced this Chick publication by Edmond Paris, which I’ve read:

          [24]. See, for example, The Secret History of the Jesuits (Edmond Paris, Chick Publications, Chino, California, translated from the French 1975), and The Vatican against Europe (Edmond Paris, the Wickliffe Press, London, reprinted 1988).

          The article wasn’t loaded with Chick references, and his “Links” page shows many kinds of publishers, some strong ones. Here is what the “Links” page has to say about Chick Publications:

          PO Box 3500, Ontario, CA 91761 USA
          Phone: (909) 987-0771
          Website: http://www.chick.com
          We include them only because they have published some excellent literature exposing Romanism, by ex-priest Charles Chiniquy and historian Alexander Hislop, and secular authors Avro Manhattan and Edmond Paris. However, these are the only books we recommend from this source, as much of their other literature is unsound, promoting Arminianism and various other errors. They publish many doctrinally and factually unsound comic books, including those based on the false claims of Alberto Rivera.

          Over time I’ve seen you downplay Jesuit involvement as conspiracy theory. I know you believe the cause of the Gospel has been injured by reference to the Jesuits, but truth is needed.

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          • Maria, Thanks for pointing out Willcock’s qualifier regarding Chick. I checked Willcock’s footnotes as well but we would differ as to whether any of them are strong, solid sources. I’ve read Paris’s account about the Jesuits as you know and I’ve also read many of Manhattan’s books about the Vatican/Catholicism. There was some good material in those books but the authors also used some fanciful extrapolations to connect the dots they aimed to connect. Theory and speculation are sometimes presented as fact. Never in a million years would a critic of Catholicism like a John MacArthur or a Leonardo De Chirico reference Paris or Manhattan.

            Let’s look at just one of Willcock’s Chick-like claims:

            “For centuries Rome had desired the conquest of Russia and the destruction of Russian Orthodoxy. And in the nineteenth century, Rome’s Jesuits began working with, supporting and financing, the burgeoning Communist movement.[14] They believed that this would be the most effective way of destroying Czarist Russia and the Russian Orthodox institution.” (page 4)

            I don’t believe this claim is in any way verifiable. I would be interested to see documentation from a non-Chick-approved, credible source to support this extremely serious charge. It’s irresponsible claims like this one that tarnish credible outreach to Catholicism.

            I can assure you I’m not trying to downplay Jesuit involvement in the attack against Christianity. I’m hardly a fan of the Jesuits. But I’ve also seen the damage that’s been done to the cause of Christ by Christians. There’s more than enough verifiable information available to effectively critique Catholicism without using this provocative material. I agree, truth is needed. But let’s stick to truth that’s above-board and verifiable.

            I certainly don’t wish to make this an issue between us. There are several secondary issues I don’t see eye-to-eye on with brothers and sisters but that all takes a back seat to our love and respect for each other in Christ. I will refrain from posting comments on this type of issue in the future. I hope you can see clear to agreeing to disagree?

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            • Tom, you are probably right but I keep looking at history, for example, the Jesuits in France. Of course it is alright to disagree, truly! A better post would most likely have been the questions and answers, but only from a primary source for Francis’s quotes. You think?

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              • Well, I did appreciate the questions and answers using the quotes. Back, say 50 years ago, an event such as this Fatima anniversary would have generated a noticeable response from the conservative Protestant press – it’s really a great opportunity to contrast Scripture with Marian worship – but I anticipate we’ll really have to hunt for any kind of reaction to this occasion from within evangelicalism, De Chirico’s new book being an exception.

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  2. Hi, Tom! Here are some thoughts. First I agree that both mass hysteria and demonic activity were involved. People are in love with the whole idea of this Lady, this loving beautiful being who can keep you safe from the wrath of God and be on your side. About Jesuit involvement and influence in the world: In America our experience of the Society of Jesus is different and more limited and recent than that of the UK and Europe of course, so that Willcock might give more credence to Jesuit involvement in history than we do normally – and rightly. But if Rome is Mystery Babylon then people like Willcock are not exaggerating since:

    Revelation 18:24  “And in her was found the blood of prophets and of saints and of all who have been slain on the earth.”

    There are some people who contend that Rome was trying to restructure the map of Europe through the world wars and in that way to regain her lost power and influence. A lot to think about!

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