Quote of the day – John Wycliffe


A Reformation Fore-runner who taught Faith Alone  

John Wycliffe (AZ Quotes) 

“Trust wholly in Christ; rely altogether on His sufferings; beware of seeking to be justified in any other way than by His righteousness. Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ is sufficient for salvation. There must be atonement made for sin according to the righteousness of God. The person to make this atonement must be God and man.”


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day – John Wycliffe

  1. Thanks, Maria. I don’t mean to “preach to the choir,” but when the Lord removes the blinders from our eyes and we see/comprehend for the first time the Gospel of salvation by grace through faith it’s a “eureka!” moment that you want to shout from the hilltops. It’s like, How could I have missed it? Yes, now I understand why Jesus died on the cross. Before I had accepted Him as my Savior without a single plea of my own, His death just seemed like a supplement to my good works. I thought, yes, Jesus died for my sins but I still had to do my part to merit my salvation. The Bible does speak about good works and that is what the unbeliever focuses on but of course good works are always in context with saving faith as Ephesians 2:8-10 so nicely summarizes.

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