5 thoughts on “Making Sense of the Emergent Church

  1. Thanks, Maria, for the reblog. I would like everyone to share this everywhere! Emergent beliefs are rather confusing but this teacher has done a very good job of explaining it.

    God bless you! \o/

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  2. Thanks for the video, Maria & Sherry! After I returned to the Lord three years ago after a very long absence I was looking for a new church but I definitely didn’t want to attend another fundamentalist-type church. There was something called the “Mosaic Church” not too far from us. I checked out the doctrinal statement on the web site and it was very loosey-goosey, just as this speaker describes with “narrative” being the key word. I’ve since learned a lot about the “emergent” church. Too bad few evangelical pastors get down to where the tire meets the road and warn their sheep about this kind of stuff. Naw, that would be too divisive and negative!

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    • Hi, Tom! Perhaps some pastors who don’t address this threat are ignorant of it, and perhaps some are dealing with other issues, and perhaps some want to make use of concepts associated with this movement, such as, “spiritual formation.” I’ve seen the use of “spiritual formation” in an independent fundamental Baptist church. There are so many problems now, don’t you think?

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