Keeping informed – The “Evangelical Intelligentsia”


“The EI [Evangelical Intelligentsia] is convinced that the answers to evangelicalism’s problems will not be found in the local church, but by academia and among the Intelligentsia, who then must give (or sell) those solutions to the local church…

“Lost on these sophisticated, self-assured and productive intellectuals might be that the term intelligentsia itself is one that reeks of classism and control, from the annals of the former Soviet Union. Beginning in Poland, the idea developed of an almost-mythical and protected class of citizens who were particularly enlightened and super smart who would help guide the direction of the rest of society and lead to a utopian paradise…

“Evangelicalism has awoken to our problem – we are in a state of noticeable decline. Unfortunately, we are looking to smart people (who, frankly, aren’t all that smart) instead of looking to that old, dusty book on the nightstand and the Spirit who inspired it.”

JD Hall, Pulpit & Pen

Who Are the Evangelical Intelligentsia?


5 thoughts on “Keeping informed – The “Evangelical Intelligentsia”

  1. Interesting article, Maria! Zacharias and Lane Craig, evangelicalism’s “leading apologists,” are disciples of Norman Geisler and unabashed ecumenists. I like reading some the the Gospel Coalition stuff, e.g., Tim Challies and Kevin DeYoung, but the GC was co-founded by Tim Keller who is about as ecumenical as they come.

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    • Tom, I subscribe to Tim Challies blog and he is sound as far as I can see. For a long time my husband and I enjoyed listening to Ravi Zacharias – lately, not really. You’re right about the ecumenical connection. It’s sad for us as former Catholics to find our churches with little discernment at times, isn’t it?

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      • Yes, I think Challies is very good but I wonder what he thinks about Keller’s ecumenical compromise? Zacharias is an excellent speaker, no doubt. His show is broadcast here daily at 11 a.m. and I often listen to him when I take my car on lunch-time errands. Many times while listening to Zacharias he lifts up notable Roman Catholics as exemplary Christians. But that’s not surprising given that both Zacharias and William Lane Craig are disciples of Norman Geisler. Yes, the lack of discernment by church “leaders” is startling but I must keep reminding myself that the betrayal of the Gospel is not a surprise to the Lord.

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  2. The Lord speaks His truth better than any man can.
    1 Corinthians 2:5 says, “That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.”
    Why do men presume to speak where God has not?

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