This Week’s Tuesday Tale Is Your Story

Here is a post from LeeAnn’s lovely blog about pets, pet care, and our responsibility to living creatures. It’s about Greta the dog, and even shows me too in a sort of silly picture. :0)

Animals Are Feeling Beings Too


The tale of Greta told by Maria

greta-the-dog-mariaWe lost our previous dogs, Stormy (a Minpin) and Blanca (a Chihuahua) kind of close together. Stormy was almost 17 and Blanca 15 1/2 years. I was sad when Stormy was gone but really grieved over Blanca. We said we’d take our time, but Blanca died in October of 2014 and on my birthday in March 2015, we brought Greta home from the SPCA. She is part Dachshund and part Chihuahua.

We’ve had two-year-old Greta since she was four months old. She and her brother were given up to our local SPCA. Her papers said her former people “could not keep/do not want.” Well, WE wanted her! I would have taken her brother too but we live in an apartment.

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11 thoughts on “This Week’s Tuesday Tale Is Your Story

      • Lord bless you, too, Maria! Yes, I complain about our labradoodle (she vacillates between being a friendly lab and a headstrong poodle) but when I work at home all day – like yesterday – she’s a great companion, sleeping on my feet all day.

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        • I remembered that you said you have a dog, but didn’t remember that she is a “labradoodle”. Neat! Dogs are a gift. They can be terrific pests too. They teach us a lot. She sounds devoted to you. My Tom’s son has a miniature poodle who is headstrong but sweet. Also vain. He got a bad haircut and stayed out of view for a week.

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          • Ha, ha. Yes, they are smarter than people give them credit for. I just started playing a new game with Gracie, “Guess which hand,” in which she has to guess which hand her beloved mid-day treat is in. Oh, she hates the game with a passion because I don’t let her have it right away. I can usually tell which hand she is going to pick by watching her eyes so I keep the suspense going for awhile but she’s trying various strategies to beat the system just like a casino regular. Pretty soon she will figure it out by looking at one hand and then choosing the other.

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