Mr and Mrs Christian spend the night with Father Christmas, part 5



…Mr and Mrs Christian took a seat at Father Christmas’s dinner table, and Mrs C lifted the little girl True Need onto her lap. Lady Amusement was seated nearby, flanked by admirers, beguiling them with her wit and infectious laughter.

Fellow pilgrims were seated on either side of Mr and Mrs C, their dearest friends – Lady Blessed Fellowship and her daughters, Sweet Remembrance and Godly Joy.

True Need watched them all as she drank from a cup of milk Mrs C held for her…

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Feeling shy in the presence of such great persons, Mrs Christian silently watched and listened. Lady Amusement seemed to notice Lady Fellowship and her daughters just then, and her face showed that she approved of Fellowship, for Fellowship was indeed gracious and lovely to behold.

“Sober on Christmas Eve, dear Fellowship?” Amusement’s eyes twinkled as she tried to engage her in conversation. “And your daughters sober, too? But every heart needs to be merry at least once a year!”

Amusement’s friend, Mrs Wit, whispered to those near her, ‘Her daughters need to know that if they hope to marry they’ll have to adorn themselves with more than modesty.’

Mrs C blushed and let her gaze rest upon the child True Need who had fallen asleep in her arms.

Fellowship answered Amusement: “Sobriety is the friend of true merriment, and modesty of lasting affection. Many worthy men have married a modest wife, dear Amusement, and walked in the light of such companionship the rest of their days. Here is a man who has such a hope coming to greet us!”

Fellowship’s daughter Godly Joy smiled as she watched her betrothed, Godly Affection, crossing the room.

Mrs C smiled as she watched the two young people, but there was something in Godly Affection’s hurried step that warned of evil tidings. Soon Father Christmas was seen hastening after him and calling to him.

“No mention of this during the celebration, sir!” Father Christmas commanded. “Do you hear?!”

Godly Affection quickened his step. Reaching the pilgrims at the table, he leaned down to confer with them. Father Christmas interposed himself, shouting, “Enough!”

Lady Fellowship said to Christmas, “Excuse me, sir, but we must hear him out.” She turned to Godly Affection. “Speak your mind!”

“Yes, please, my dear!” his betrothed pleaded.

Godly Affection answered, “I’ve met a brother who has just returned from visiting his family in the City of Destruction.” 

“What news?” cried Mr C, for his own and his wife’s families lived there.

Mrs C leaned forward, trembling.

Godly Affection said,”The city is full of tumult and confusion, wars, famine and plague.” Godly Joy began to weep and he took her hand.

Father Christmas raised his voice. “Silence! Why trouble ourselves with rumors gotten secondhand? Eat, drink  – be merry! There’s time enough for the Cross tomorrow. Tonight is for the Manger.”

Mr C got to his feet and the other pilgrims followed his example. Mrs C carefully held the sleeping child True Need so as not to waken her.

“Sir,” said Mr C to Father Christmas, “do you have a room where we pilgrims can meet?”

Father Christmas slowly smiled. “Near the street door,” he said. “I believe you can find your way.”

The pilgrims hurried out of Father Christmas’s splendid dining hall, and past the door that led onto the main square of Vanity Fair. This door had been left open, and Godly Affection closed it with a strong hand against the howling wind and moonless darkness. They sought and found refuge in the small appointed room…

Costume Historian: Portrait of a “puritan” – Dutch Mennonite:

“Lady Fellowship” – Pinterest, Portrait of a “puritan” Dutch Mennonite,



12 thoughts on “Mr and Mrs Christian spend the night with Father Christmas, part 5

        • Steve, brother,

          My faith is the historic evangelical faith that is contained in many protestant confessions of faith (London Baptist, Westminster, Waldensian, and others) and in early confessions of faith, e.g., Nicean, Athansian, which declared Who Christ is and the Triune nature of God. The protestant confessions declared what Christ did for us in Redemption, that is, that we are saved by grace alone, through faith alone, because of Christ alone, according to the Scriptures alone, to the glory of God alone. I believe that Jesus Christ is the Only Begotten Son of the Father, that He became Man, fulfilled the law for us perfectly, died for us to take the Father’s wrath, rose again on the third day according to the Scriptures, was seen of many witnesses, and will return in glory to save us and judge the unbelieving unrepentant.

          The faith that I hold is formally contained and explained SO MUCH BETTER in The London Baptist Confession, The Westminster Confession, and many others. We believe that the Catholic Church apostasized long ago, and so is no longer a true New Testament assembly. Hope this helps.

          Here are some places where you can read more:

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          • I believe in the church mentioned and outlined in Acts chapter two. I put nothing else of any man scented beliefs on par with the Lord’s Word.

            I’m curious why, if you believe the things you say, that you call yourself an “iconoclast?” By Google definition one such person is defined as follows:

            a person who attacks cherished beliefs or institutions.
            synonyms: critic, skeptic; More
            a destroyer of images used in religious worship, in particular.

            You don’t sound like one who fits that bill…


            • Steve, you used a term – man-scented – that shows you don’t respect what I’ve said. Your blog looks really helpful but you don’t only quote God’s Word, but use the words of Christians who express their faith, as you did here:


              Adhering to a Biblical statement of faith is the same thing, quoting and affirming other believers in Christ, some of whom died for their witness. We recognize and love faith in the Lord Jesus Christ in others.

              The second definition of iconoclast is the one I meant, because there is nothing that is more disobedient than making and using images of “Jesus” which are by definition a lie and a transgression against God’s commandment. These lies break my heart because they corrupt true worship in spirit and truth. I break images, so to speak, by speaking against them whether they’re in a movie about the Lord’s life, or used by Catholics as a so-called aid to worship, or used by Evangelicals and Protestants – Christians – in blog posts.

              Brother, we are both seeking to serve Jesus and so I hope we can agree to this important truth about images. I love Jesus because He first loved me, so I pray you can respect me as a true sister in the Lord.


              • I believe the warning from God is not to use any images of Him, the Lord God, (Deuteronomy 5, Exodus 20). No one has seen God, and He doesn’t want us to make any images or idols of Him. I believe we can use images of Jesus as He appeared to us on earth. Some of how He looked is actually recorded for us in Isaiah 53.

                I am not one to argue things. I think being disagreeable is ungodly in nature. On the other hand, I will stand up for the beliefs as they are revealed to us by God in the bible. I use no other book as a gospel guide. There is one Lord, one faith, one baptism, (Ephesians 4). There is one Savior, the Son of God, Jesus Christ. I believe in obeying the gospel of the cross, which includes full immersion baptism into the body of Christ, (Romans 6).

                I believe Jesus was raised from the grave 3 days after His death, and I believe in the grace of God for His children and the hope of Jesus’ promise of eternal life after death.

                Perhaps you would be interested in a book entitled “Muscle and a Shovel” which uses the bible to show the way past denominational teachings, (as none of them are mentioned in the bible). More info. can be found at: “”…


              • Steve, it’s good to stand up for what we believe as long as it’s Biblical. Remember, you asked me why I used the name ‘a gentle iconoclast’ and I explained my view which is Biblical. Your argument is Catholic – Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholics use this argument. It’s a very old argument for the use of images based on the incarnation, but I don’t believe it is Biblical.
                I tried to go this and was directed to a website that is simply selling a Michael Shanks Ministries book, Muscle and a Shovel.

                I’ve been in a lot of churches. When they preach the Cross of Jesus Christ and salvation through Him alone – preach HIM! – I’m grateful. However I know from experience that churches that say they only believe in the Bible and despise Biblical confessions of faith slide into error easily, for example, Oneness Pentecostalism.

                Okay, brother, I’m finished with this discussion. May the Lord continue to direct you!


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