7 thoughts on “The worship of the consecrated bread, a brief explanation

  1. Thanks, Maria. Yes, I also bowed down before that round piece of bread many years ago. Funny thing but I was listening to a different video from this same brother yesterday at work.

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  2. The same thing happened to me. I got saved in 2014 continued to participate in Catholic mass and surely receiving communion every day , then one day Holy Spirit “dragged me out” I truly felt physical pull, I left in 2017 Summer end never looked back. I feel sorry for those who are deceived, but the sad thing is those people are deceived and it’s the most difficult task to help to show true gospel to Catholic because they have been brain washed so much. I was one of them as you can see it took almost 3 years to leave and that is after I was SAVED but I must say Holy Spirit truly is our Comforted !!!
    Imagine the deception. No wonder those who belong to RCC think it’s the true church. It’s a work of satan himself.
    Found Sheep

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    • Found Sheep, so glad the Lord found you! Nothing is too difficult for Him and He must do the work of helping a person see the truth. The natural man fights the truth. It was an offense to me when a Christian explained to me that I had nothing to boast of – that I didn’t belong to the “one true church,” and needed Jesus to save me by grace through faith alone. God bless you! Thank you for commenting!


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