The Banning of Smiles

France has banned the showing of this video on French television on the grounds that showing happy, smiling children with Down Syndrome might “disturb the conscience” of women who have had abortions…

SOURCE: Cranach | The Blog of Veith

Banning video of happy Downs children

14 thoughts on “The Banning of Smiles

  1. These people want to kill the conscience of those who would otherwise rethink their decision to undergo a “preventive” abortion. Apparently, Eugenics is a theme even talked about in the brave new world’s blueprint also dubbed as the dystopian novels they put in the school’s curriculum to precondition people way ahead of its time where people play God and decide who ought to live and who dies.

    Scriptures tell us “the love of many will grow cold” and apparently, that pertains to the value of human life.

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