Evangelical lingo – Helpful polemics terms



“Downgrade is a colloquial expression meant to convey a doctrinal dumbing-down or theological slide into apostasy. The term denotes a rapid decline in orthodoxy or the approval of heterodoxy that would not have been approved long before.”

J.D. Hall



Website orthodox

“‘Website Orthodox’ refers to a nefarious Bible-twister or false teacher having an orthodox statement of faith on their website, but ignoring it entirely in their body of work, sermons, books or teachings.”

J.D. Hall




8 thoughts on “Evangelical lingo – Helpful polemics terms

    • Mike, because you used a link in your comment the comment was placed in spam. Sorry I’m only responding now. So Pastor Spurgeon is again keeping his focus on having a heart for the Lord and not simply being correct? Is this his meaning?
      Thank you for commenting!


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