55 thoughts on “A small surgery…

  1. It will be well with you Maria…and you’ll be so glad you had it done! I was. And the surgery is not painful or weird either. These doctors know exactly what they’re doing and you will be very comfortable during the procedure.
    Prayers going out your way!


  2. Prayers for you, Maria!

    Most people tell me it is not nearly as scary as it seems, a very simple procedure actually, with little or no pain. The worst part is usually having to take the time to put in all the eye drops. 🙂

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  3. Maria, for those of us who need this surgery it would help to ease our fears if you might later write a post about the details of your experience. Everybody says the surgery is easy and painless, but that is no comfort for some of us. I am very uncomfortable on my back, and can’t imagine lying there for even five minutes. It would seem like five hours. They would have to give me an elephant tranquilizer, and even then I don’t think I would do well. You have got more courage than me!

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    • David, I have a herniated disc in my neck and problem knee, so I stressed this to the nurses. A pillow was put under my knees, and my husband who also had this surgery was also given special care because of his bad back and he did well. I will think about doing a post then and pray for you about this. Lord bless you!


      • Maria, thank you. I am so afraid of doctors that I have let this problem persist until I can no longer drive or work. There is an eye drop derived from a type of cholesterol (lanosterol) that has been effective in dogs and mice. Human trials will have to be completed before it can be approved as a prescribed treatment for cataracts, but the results are promising. In the meantime, I’m taking mega-doses of lutein and zeaxanthin which seem to have slowed down the progressive deterioration of my vision. Hopefully, I can sign up for the human trials at UC San Diego.

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        • David, I understand your fears of doctors and don’t know the answer except to pray. In the meantime taking vitamins/supplement that promote eye health is good but I would caution you that they are potent and we need medical counsel about their use. Taking part in trials has risks. May the Lord guide you , brother!


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