16 thoughts on “Short video – The Biblical case for the past fulfillment of Daniel’s 70th Week

  1. No, it is not past, yet. It is true what Christ Jesus has fulfilled even to the 70th week of Jewish history, but that 7 year covenant with the Jews mentioned in Daniel 9:27 has not yet come to pass. The Antichrist has not yet come to rule the world. Jesus Christ has given us an everlasting covenant (not a 7 year one) but the Jews will have a 7 year covenant which they will believe their “Messiah” has come to rule and to reign. Yet future. And soon. \o/

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  2. The gentleman in the video used a lot of Scripture and had some very good things to say from them. However, there is one portion of Daniel’s verse he never mentioned. It is that the angel told Daniel that “seventy weeks are determined FOR YOUR PEOPLE and FOR YOUR HOLY CITY, Daniel 9:24, emphasis added. Daniel’s people are the Jews and his holy city is Jerusalem. Not a single one of these things has been yet accomplished for Israel and Jerusalem. I could go through each one of them and demonstrate it. These things must be fulfilled. If God didn’t mean what He said in this verse (through the angel), then why didn’t He say what He meant?

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      • Individual Jewish people can indeed can be and are being saved. What I refer to, and I believe that Daniel refers to, is the salvation of the nation at the return of the Lord Jesus. Paul refers to this when he says in Romans, “All Israel shall be saved.” I’ve heard this explained as meaning us, that is, “spiritual Israel.” Considering the context of Romans 9-11, I believe that to be in error. Paul is referring to his “brethren according to the flesh.” Thank you, though, for your comment. I value your wisdom.

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  3. I appreciate all of the scripture that this man has used to show how he is convinced of his position. I do lean towards another view as I’ve mentioned before, Maria. I think those who hold the position that the 70th week is a future “week” of 7 years have as good if not a better explanation of the text described here in relationship to other scriptures. Both “camps” can make cases to back their views and I respect both opinions. This is an issue that shouldn’t divide Christians. I think we all agree that Jesus is coming again and however He does that will fit perfectly with the scriptures and we will all be so joyous on that day that it won’t matter whether we have been right or wrong about the manner in which He comes.
    Thank you for sharing.

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