Celebrating two years of blogging with “Long ago I prayed for this”


On July 4, 2014, I began this blog – Pilgrim’s Progress revisited. Below you will find my first post. Perhaps I’ll repost a few more early posts. Before blogging here I created a WordPress website for my fantasy book but the site became mostly a place to publish my Christian fairy tales and poems. Hope you enjoy this post and will rejoice with me! 


Luke 18:1

And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint;


A child’s desire

As a child – as many children probably do – I prayed for a puppy. At the time my Mother was working full-time, and we were living with my elderly Grandmother, so having a dog wasn’t possible. At that time, too, I didn’t know the Lord Jesus – I was His enemy. Years later, having come to Him for forgiveness and life, and having become a dog owner, I remembered this prayer. How faithful God was in answering a fatherless little girl at the right time, saving her from sin and death, and becoming her Heavenly Father!


A prayer of greater significance

As a former Catholic whose maternal grandparents were from Italy, and who had never met an Italian who wasn’t Catholic, I once asked the Lord to teach me about His Church there, in Italy. I researched this, but couldn’t discover much. Later, while studying current events in light of Biblical prophecy, I learned about the Waldenses (Valdesi) of Piedmont and Calabria. Here is what J.A. Wylie wrote about them in The History of The Waldenses (1860):

Behind this rampart of mountains, which Providence, forseeing the approach of evil days, would almost seem to have reared on purpose, did the remnant of the early apostolic Church of Italy kindle their lamp, and here did that lamp continue to burn all through the long night which descended on Christendom. 

When we wonder why He hasn’t answered us, we should continue to ask, and wait in expectation. However, we should be sure that our prayer was according to His revealed will. If it was, we will never be disappointed.


God’s answers

Long ago I prayed, 

the answer came today,

He is Sovereign over all,

things both great and small.


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