11 thoughts on “Go read! Calvin

  1. Thanks, Maria! Yes, I have the urge to repost some of my X Mass articles every time I see “Christmas” in this beautiful summer month. Perhaps people are a bit more receptive to finding out why Christians should abandon the tradition of men “holy” day this time of year-it gives them time to embrace it or reject it but also to research it more.

    Have a blessed day!

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    • Sherry, I agree that this time of year presents a better opportunity to present the truth about worship that pleases the Lord and to be heard. Glad you posted this and am happy to help. You have a blessed day too, a day of praise!


  2. Hi Maria, As you might know, I take a more moderate stand on the Christmas, Easter, “holiday” issue. I don’t go out of my way to “celebrate” them, but they’re not a litmus test issue for me. I think we can use the “holidays” for the Lord’s purposes. Here’s a blog post I found to be interesting on Calvin and “holidays.” We probably won’t ever agree on this but I respect your beliefs.

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  3. Reread this post and I have to say that Calvin was rather strict about this will-worship of men. He must have heard, “But my heart is right” or, “Its done with good intentions” many a time for he says, “But a good intention, i.e., an insane license of daring whatever man pleased, was deemed the perfection of worship.” Kinda made me giggle a bit thinking of him emphasizing the part I bolded to his congregation, leaning forward over the pulpit to make sure they heard him…

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