Go read! Timothy Kauffman


We agree with Mr. Voris when he says that Roman Catholics worship a different god.


Please don’t be turned off by the title – it didn’t originate with Timothy Kauffman. Michael Voris, a Catholic writer at Churchmilitant.com (the Vortex), used the term “Protty” Jesus as a way to belittle Protestant faith in the true Jesus, the Jesus of the Bible. Mr. Kauffman answers Mr. Voris here:


Out of His Mouth blog | Casting the Light of the Word on “works of darkness” (Ephesians 5:11)


6 thoughts on “Go read! Timothy Kauffman

  1. Such is the epitome of brainwashing. A woman where I live was raised a Catholic, claims to be an agnostic, lived like a Pagan all her life, and now is dying of colon cancer…..yet, she believes “IF” there is a god, he is a Catholic god. Such is the power of early mind control and conditioning.
    As a Spirit filled, Spirit Baptized, Spirit taught, and Bible believing woman, I marvel that anyone could follow such a rosary fondling, Mary worshiping, pope deceiving fake religion that has murdered millions and robbed even more millions of their money, faith, truth, and salvation. Indeed, I do marvel at this.

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    • Scarlett, you are alive to God. People like this woman are dead in trespasses and sins. Is she the woman you asked prayer for?
      Once our eyes are opened to the Kingdom of God, we can see all these things plainly. When I was a Catholic I was irritated by the Christians I knew and actually criticized them to myself that they spoke of God as the Lord, acting like He was someone they actually knew, that is, personally. We must be born again. This is the difference and why people can be so deluded as to say they are offering Christ to the Father in Mass.

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      • No, this is another woman. It’s really a sad thing where I live. Buddhists, Pagans, you name it. This woman does need prayer of course, since she is now on deaths doorstep; already had cancer treatment 3 years ago. This stuff always seems to come back. All that said, she claims her mother was a Methodist, her father a Catholic, and they said this girl is going to be either a Catholic or a Methodist. I guess they flipped a coin. She then went to Catholic school and the brainwashing and indoctrination started. I’ve witnessed Jesus Christ to this woman who has no ears to hear or eyes to see, and who laughs at people saying they are “born again”. Kind of like Nicodemus who just didn’t get it either. Well, I haven’t seen her for about 6 months until the other day. And now she has colon cancer. I’m hoping and praying that the Lord will bring the words I’ve spoken to her in remembrance and that she will be saved.

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  2. Excellent, Maria! Kauffman does outstanding work regarding Catholicism. I actually give Voris credit for declaring that Catholics and Evangelicals DO NOT worship the same Jesus, unlike the squishy ecumenical accommodators on both sides. The Jesus who saved me and who I worship cannot be eaten or placed in a monstrance and He doesn’t save the self-righteous who think they successfully obey the Ten Commandments.

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    • Yes, he does, Tom!
      You’re right that at least Voris is honest about what he believes, and yes, it is better than the guile found in some of the ecumenical movement, and the cowardice and faithlessness and credulity. I want to read your post at the link. Always you mention the Catholic deception of believing we can keep the commandments – this observation is so true.

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