Quote of the day – James Montgomery Boice


The Bible Study Hour with Dr. James Boice

“In any logical presentation of doctrine, the wrath of God is the first truth we have to learn about him. Why didn’t Paul begin by saying that the love of God is revealed from heaven? It is not that God is not love, for he is, as Paul will show later. Rather, it is so we will recognize our deep spiritual need and be prepared to receive the knowledge of God in the Lord Jesus Christ, the Savior, where alone we can receive it. If men and women come to God boasting of their alleged spiritual knowledge, God will declare them to be ignorant. If they come to God boasting of their own achievements, God cannot and will not receive them. But if they come humbly, recognizing that they indeed have rejected what has been clearly revealed about God in nature, that they are without excuse, that God’s wrath justly hangs over them, then God will work in their lives. He will show that he has already made a way for removing the wrath due them, that Jesus has borne it, and that the way is now open for their growth in both the love and knowledge of God which is salvation.”


James Montgomery Boice

Chapter 2 – “The Unknown God,” Foundations of the Christian Fatih: A Comprehensive & Readable Theology, p.34, InterVarsity Press, 1986.


11 thoughts on “Quote of the day – James Montgomery Boice

  1. I was blown away that this was published by IVP; today they publish a lot of questionable things. How far they have fallen, to think that they once published works of solid men like Boice.

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    • Hi, Pastor Jim! It is one of many Christian publishers whose standards are lower now. This single volume is composed of books that were once a series by Pastor Boice. My husband and I had an opportunity to hear him speak at a conference on Reformed theology – Reformed doctrine was new to us then. Still learning! I bought this book at the conference bookstore.
      Lord bless you!

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