Quote of the day – E.H. Broadbent


“It is sometimes supposed that Scripture is not sufficient for the guidance of the churches without the addition of, at least, early tradition, on the ground that it was by the early Church councils that the Canon of Scripture was fixed. This, of course, could only refer to the New Testament. The peculiar characteristics and unique history of Israel fitted them to receive the divine revelation, to recognize the inspired writings, and to preserve them with invincible pertinacity and accuracy. With regard to the New Testament, the canon of inspired books was not fixed by the Church councils; it was acknowledged by the councils because it had already been clearly indicated by the Holy Spirit and accepted by the churches generally. This indication and acceptance has ever since been confirmed by every comparison of the canonical with the apocryphal and non-canonical books, the difference in value and power being evident.”

Edmund Hamer Broadbent

“Christianity in Christendom,” The Pilgrim Church, p. 45, Gospel Folio Press, Grand Rapids, MI.


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