5 thoughts on “Go, read! Bud Ahlheim

  1. I would not buy any book written by the Graham’s. Just scanning this review, it sounds like Mrs Lutz is proposing Christians buy into a yet another version of the prosperity doctrine.Or, has she been following Joel Osteen? I am a many years widowed woman who has nothing- yet is supplied everything I need. How can that happen without following books outlining how to be prosperous? By trusting Jesus to do what He said, supplying my needful things as I seek Him and His Kingdom first!

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    • Scarlett, thank you for testifying to the truth of God’s Word in His care for widows and orphans! This should be our own concern. May He be praised forever! As a fatherless child I know the truth that He is a Father to the fatherless. He kept me alive until I received Him and has chastened me. For Anne Lotz to think we have so much power when we are so needy and NEED the Lord so much is a big mistake.

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  2. Oh, how I do love Him….and love you as well Maria. And needy………. my dear……..I think I stay that way in order to trust Him. and show forth His provision to the world, right in the midst of poverty. Even this computer was made by one of my sons from some spare parts he had lying about.
    ” For He has chosen the poor to be rich in faith”. He’s all we have. All I can say is that this wealthy and celebrated woman, (as a Graham daughter), Anne Lutz, is deceived. Jesus never taught that stuff, now did he?
    Lord, we lift up Anne Lutz, and pray that You will grant her repentance that she may receive the truth.

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