Lord’s day joy – James Smith


…God came down in the person of the Spirit, on the day of Pentecost, first filling the house, and then the persons of the saints. Thus qualifying his people to testify for him, publish his truth, and conquer their every foe. That Spirit is still in the church — but more of the power and grace of that Spirit is needed by the church, and therefore we should still cry, “O that you would come down!”

God comes down now — and meets his people in their prayer-closets, giving them sensible manifestations of his presence, impressions of his power, and proofs of his love. He comes down into the sanctuary, and makes the place of his feet glorious. Then his word is powerful, devotion is sweet, and the communion of saints is delightful. He comes down into the heart, fills it with joy and peace, makes it his royal residence, and constitutes it the home of God. He comes down to convert souls, and without his presence, and the direct putting forth of his power, there will be no conversions. He comes down to restore the wanderers — and the coming back of every backslider, is a proof of the presence, and an achievement of the power of God. He comes down to bless his people, giving them peace, prosperity, and success in their work and warfare.

O what a change the coming down of the Lord would effect! How it would rouse up and invigorate dull and sleepy saints. How it would quicken and fill with energy — drooping and discouraged believers. How it would crowd our houses of prayer. How it would fill the ordinances with life, savor, and power. How it would bring sinners to the Savior, seekers to decision, and believers into the church of God.

…Good and gracious God, I beseech you come down, come down soon, come down at once; and let us be filled with your Spirit, be used in your service, be crowned with your loving-kindness, and be made to resemble your beloved Son — in our tempers, dispositions, employments, and behavior!

James Smith, 1860

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9 thoughts on “Lord’s day joy – James Smith

  1. That was really beautiful and a wonderful encouragement and incentive to worship and praise Him.
    The Lord inhabits the praises of His people. This is true. Satan has no power over a praising church or a praising Christian.

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