12 thoughts on “Go read! Alec

  1. Most pastors don’t even know what the “Doctrines and deeds of the Nicolaitans” are? Ya know, the thing that Lord Jesus said He HATED in the Book of Revelation. If pastors can’t get pastors can’t get past go on these simple doctrinal issues, they have no business being pastors. And….their congregants have no business following them.
    My position is that IF you are going to allow a man to teach you about the Word of God, you had better know the Word better than he does…..or you WILL be deceived. That’s a given.

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    • Scarlett, yes, He hates this thing – the doctrine of the Nicolaitans. Lots of times I’ve seen explanations of this term as ‘we don’t really know exactly what that was’ – my paraphrase. But I think we do know – it is victory over the laity, lording it over the people. And where this is allowed there is room for so much more evil to happen, from molestation to binding peoples’ conscience.
      Right! We need to know the Word of God ourselves and judge what anyone says. Some people are too trusting, or they’re following a man because it feels good and is easier than walking by faith, and some of us, like me sometimes, are lazy or discouraged. We don’t need anyone to teach us but are able to teach one another, He told us.

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  2. I attended a college in which the theological faculty believed and taught every one of those twenty things! I was not convinced then and have not changed my mind since. As my courage grew, I got involved in some interesting discussions with the professors, both in class and out of class. J.

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