14 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton’s Support for the Modern Abortion Holocaust

    • The terrible thing about Sanders and Clinton is that they see the unborn as non-human, as Nazi Germany saw the Jews. They cannot give any ground at all, or their game is up. It is truly vile all of this, whether actively promoting a woman’s so-called right or waffling on this.

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      • i know – they are 100% evil. Clinton consorts with evil spirits, and who knows what counsel Sanders is receiving. Satan is walking about as a roaring lion. We had better wear the full armor of God at ALL times.

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        • Sage, this is true – we must! Anyone can stumble or be deceived, that is, for a time. But I don’t want to stumble or be a stumblingblock.
          About Clinton – this has been stated lots of places. I haven’t seen firsthand testimony, her stating that she has tried to contact Eleanor Roosevelt. The important thing is that yes, from all she has done and failed to do, she bears very bad fruit. It saddens me to see young family members taken in by the progressive, socialist tactics, believing that they can help people by standing with these rogues.

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          • If she is a Christian as she claims, she should be devoting herself to her daughter and grandchildren, praying that they get saved and choose godly spouses – not running for president. That is evil in itself -without the seances. She is the epitome of anti-femininity, and personifies the wicked Jezebel to a remarkable degree.

            Young people are so selfish now – it is shocking. Ignorance, apathy, and affluence are a tepid soup which provide the ideal breeding ground for social revolution. Only – they won’t get what they think is coming.

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            • My sister, I couldn’t agree with you more. Even among young Christians whom I know I sense disapproval of mothers of little ones who want to stay home and raise them.
              You are so right – with this revolution they will not get what they expect but something bitter.

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  1. This shows up restricted on my iPad. I will look on computer later. I want you 2 know we were blessed with a set of twins that will be 13 tomorrow. They are identical boys with Down Syndrome. I have not watched this video yet but will tell you that abortion is asked when you are found that you are caring a DS child. I did not know until they were a month and a half old that they had DS. If I would have known I would NOT have aborted them. There are known cases where the diagnosis while the baby. Is in utero are wrong and babies that do not have any problems are killed.

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      • Thank you, Maria !!!! I have testimonies that can ooze out of me!! Lol! I know you do, too! We are all so very blessed no matter what our situations! Why? Because ABOVE ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING WE KNOW JESUS and BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE!!!

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        • There must be a lot of love at your house, Elizabeth, plus special difficulties. The joys and difficulties, yes, we share them, but are blessed beyond measure as you said. So glad you loved enough, with the Lord’s grace, to bring these children into your world of love.
          Yes, to be forgiven and loved and complete in the Lord is wonderful beyond telling. But still, we can tell – and you DO!

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    • With Witnessing Encouragement, there is a lot that is edifying – especially Loretta’s maturity and wisdom. Just please know that we probably are all in different circumstances,, and that if possible we should not forsake our assembling together. You know this, just a reminder. Many are so disturbed by the apostasy around them that they feel it is alright to set God’s counsel aside, because of the hour in which we live.

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