This post records Cathy’s experience as a former Catholic; she urges us to continue to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Catholics who need it.


Update:  March 2016

I wrote the post below in 2007. The apostasy has escalated. The number of Protestant Pastors singing the praises of Rome (and now singing the praises of Pope Francis) has grown rapidly. These Pastors are deceiving their flocks, and holding back the true Gospel from the Roman Catholic people. Signs of the Times. Our Protestant churches are no longer protesting. I believe our churches have been infiltrated.


Paul the apostle said “I am pure from the blood of all men.” What a powerful statement. There was no blood on Paul’s hands because he was a faithful minister of the Gospel.

When my husband and I were born again we knew, by God’s Word and by God’s Holy Spirit, that we had come out of darkness. We knew that we had believed a false gospel, and that the…

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  1. Hi Maria, Thank you for reblogging my post. We had many opportunities to share the Gospel in the nursing home, not only to the Catholics but to the Jewish people as well. Most would listen. Precious sweet souls. I really miss those days and the opportunities they presented for witnessing.

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    • Cathy, I’m happy to reblog this! Your observations are helpful for all of us, but especially those who have been told that Catholics don’t need the Gospel because they’re Christians. Some people don’t preach the Gospel to the Jews (Hagee promotes this), and some don’t preach it to Catholics – both of these attitudes are wrong, deceived, and disobedient. Thank you for posting this so that others can benefit from it. It has motivated me to greater obedience.

      Daniel 12:3 And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.


  2. Sadly, one way this infiltration has taken place is through the proliferation of modern versions that are based upon spurious manuscripts of the New Testament. The two most popular among those who reject the Received Text are the Vaticanus and Siniaticus, the former found in the Vatican library and the latter found in an Orthodox monastery. The codices have more that is not common between them than common, and they change the Greek New Testament handed down by the church in the Received Text in over 5000 places. There is a correlation between the popularity of the modern versions, all based upon these two codices, and the rise of apostasy within the visible church. If we can’t be sure of the gospel found in the Scriptures, then anybody can be right. This is truly tragic and heartbreaking. May Christ Himself keep us faithful. Amen!

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