Trump’s theology


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The Theology of Donald Trump

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22 thoughts on “Trump’s theology

  1. Thanks, Maria. I’m a bit of a fan of Michael Horton because he has taken many public stands against ecumenism with Rome. There’s not many like Horton around these days.

    When it comes to American politics, I’m a more of an observer than one who feels they have a personal stake. I certainly realize most Christians don’t share my views on nationalism. But I’ve been following Trump quite a bit only because he’s so outrageous. His solicitation for support from the “evangelical voting bloc” is comical. In his speeches down in the Bible Belt he likes to wave a Bible around quite a bit but he has demonstrated zero familiarity with God’s Word or any evidence of a relationship with Jesus Christ. Like I said, I’m not passionate about politics at all but if I was I wouldn’t say that Christians should only vote for Christians. I obviously can’t see inside into a person’s heart but Trump’s Christian masquerade in order to garner evangelical votes appears to be about as genuine as a three dollar bill.

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    • Tom, glad you appreciate Michael Horton’s stand. To witness a brother remaining steadfast about the evils of ecumenism, when so many are compromosing, is encouraging.
      About politics – I agree and like you, don’t have my heart in it. Plus everything is so strange now. For example, if a voter wanted to vote for an evangelical (Ted Cruz) – not necessary for Christians to vote this way, as you say – the voter would come up against the fact that his dad believes that the Constitution is inspired.
      I voted for Kasich in the primary but wish I could abstain next November. Praying.

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      • There are only a handful of “prominent,” nationally known evangelical leaders who still take a public stand against ecumenism with Rome – all conservative Reformed. I posted a message to that effect months ago and got called on it for “leadership idolatry.”
        I’m moving farther and farther away from any involvement in politics. I probably won’t vote in November – I couldn’t vote for Hillary or Trump anyway.

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        • Thank you for this admission, Tom. Many Christians are in despair over the ungodliness around us and are pushing politics for a change for the better. There is no hope in this. If the Lord so wills, we can be reformed once again. May it be so! Then we will be given just but imperfect leaders.

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          • At the church we attended 2014-2015 the young pastor was a HUGE fan of Francis Schaeffer so I read a lot about Rushdoony, Schaeffer, Falwell, and Dobson and how “Take back America for Jesus” dominionism snowballed in the 70s and 80s. The very bad downside to that was the culture battle became the THING and evangelicals embraced Catholics as “co-belligerents.” The next thing you know doctrine became a nuisance with everyone embracing as fellow “lovers of Jesus.”

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            • Immaturity leads to folly – I’ve been there, Tom, and believe we all have. Hope this pastor learns! Time to grow up and understand things like separation, the old stuff that is true. We need sound teaching – doctrine – and to read God’s Word, and we need to remember about carrying our cross. It’s no time to fall asleep either. We can get sleepy. May the Lord keep us vigilant and bring us to maturity so we can stand and help others!

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    • “I obviously can’t see inside into a person’s heart but —–(or, fill in the blanks from past POTUS campaigns)…. Christian masquerade in order to garner evangelical votes appears to be about as genuine as a three dollar bill.”

      In my opinion, I believe it’s past time Christians need to develop a strong godly discernment. In other words, the spiritual ability to test the spirits.
      Enjoyed your comment. Jesus bless you,

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  2. Dear sister, I liked both Horton’s and Max Lucado’s commentaries. I’m glad that some godly men are speaking out. It embarrasses me for the Christian community that some alleged “men of God” are supporting this imposter. The world is already laughing at us. No wonder the precious Name of Christ is evil spoken of in many quarters.
    it disturbs me so much that many Christians seem to be blindly steering their support in the direction of whatever they believe will return things to the good old comfort zone they have enjoyed in the past; whatever will protect and support their lukewarm lifestyles, without having to make any real effort on their part. The Lord Jesus Christ knew nothing of such a false religion, nor did His Apostles and the early brethren.
    Where are the true Statesmen in this hour? I frankly don’t see any.
    America has sowed the wind and shall reap the whirlwind.
    Nevertheless dear sister, Jesus bless you so much for continuing to lift up the Name of Jesus in the most loving and godly way. He will indeed build His True Church no matter what political winds blow in an adverse direction.

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    • Scarlett, so many of us are children and that this makes us easy prey for political and religious wolves, plus an object of ridicule in general. Anyone may deceive us and the Name of Jesus is blasphemed, as you said. This is so true.
      Yes, both pastors were helpful. May the Lord open ears to the truth, that the world will not be our home until His return. Knowing this, we then Ican vote or abstain responsibly.
      You are an encouragement, sister. We stand because He is our God, and walks through the fires and floods with us – He is with us at all times. Floods seems to be a word meaning many circumstances, such as, floods of ungodliness and heresy.
      You and Tom are asked to guest post here.
      Lord bless you, Scarlett! And Tom!

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  3. I listened to the speech Mr. Trump gave at the rally in AZ and his rhetoric is every bit as shallow as Obama’s campaign rhetoric. People are voting for slogans that sound good to them and not for any kind of substance. It makes me sad to think that there are so many people in our country ignorant to what our history is and what our country is supposed to be. The immediate future looks pretty scary. I have to rely on my faith and look beyond it.

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