Jesus Calling by Sarah Young – resources for discerning this author’s claim


Jesus calling stack of books


Here is help for you if you need to vett this book. I haven’t read all of the materials but know all but three of the sources well. 


Jesus Calling®

Official website


The Strange Saga of ‘Jesus Calling,’ The Evangelical Bestseller You’ve Never Heard Of


Q & A with Sarah Young


Sarah Young Defends ‘Jesus Calling’ to New York Times


Jesus Calling

the Cripplegate

Warning About Popular Book “Jesus Calling”

Sola Sisters’ review


Apprising Ministries

Toxic Devotion: A Review of Sarah Young’s—Jesus Calling by Bob DeWaay

Critical Issues Commentary

Thomas Nelson Deletes Controversial Material From Jesus Calling


Is Deception Calling? A review of Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

Steak and a Bible WordPress

The church is rapidly accepting occult, channeled books as divinely inspired

The End Time

Jesus Calling?

Enough Light WordPress



Is hit book ‘Jesus Calling’ pushing New Age?





32 thoughts on “Jesus Calling by Sarah Young – resources for discerning this author’s claim

  1. Thanks for this important post, Maria. A couple of weeks ago my wife came home asking about Sarah Young. She had been to a get-together with her sisters and one of them gave this “Jesus Calling” book as a gift to another sister. I looked up the author’s name and saw all the references to her alleged new revelations. Ach! This book is selling like hotcakes at the “Christian” bookstores. Evangelical Christianity is getting farther and farther into the weeds.

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  2. Thank you for this. I have most of your articles lready on file and will add the rest. I have a nice leather bound copy of the book a relative gave me as a Birthday present a few years ago, thinking I would like it.

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  3. Commenting on the first link: “Saga…”. The changes might have been made (in the introduction) before the controversy arose, but the fact that it wasn’t is telling. I don’t see how any one, believing correctly would not avoid such a book, knowing this about the changes in the introduction. Money is a thing which, once in need of, can have a great effect, especially among those living off the spirit of man. The spirit of man is real, and deceitfully impactful to the point of sufficing us with a “Spiritism”, feel good kind of aesthetics. The converse is the Spirit of God, powerful and not commercial. Not soothing. Empowering, convicting, able to conduct us past the snares. Able to warn us, of those alluring “sweetness imbued”, sell outs. We want to be known for the world ascribing to us, a controversy, but not the Christian, real Life of God imbued, Church. Thank you Maria, will return progressively to acquaint self with some of the rest (your post, are generally laden with loads, so will have some one come by and dismantle your laptop (the famed Lol inserted here).

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    • Miguel, it’s all money and pride – sorry to be blunt. It’s even tempting to say that she MUST know what she is doing. However the Word of God describes false teachers as both deceivers and deceived themselves, so she is clearly deceived.

      I’m grateful that the foundations of this book and its spin-offs are being exposed, as the author of the article you referenced does with tact. But still any exposé is only for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, and there are obviously people who like being deceived by “sweetness” like this. May the Lord change many hearts, helping His children to want to walk by faith – His way! In all ages the temptation has been there – for all of us at times – to refuse to walk by faith, even though this is how we please the Lord.

      Please let me know before you send someone to dismantle the laptop and I’ll set out my Kindle too.


  4. Maria, I have returned because I feel so bad. I love the work you do. Don’t ever change. You have given me a window into many difficulties met by good intentioned Christian folk. I like to kid from time to time (It’s a New York thing, maybe appearing callous at times), please forgive me, if I came across as fractious. Love, your pal; MAO

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    • Miguel, it’s really all right to joke!

      These difficulties you mention are starting to take over our small church in the form of books studied – Priscilla Schirer and Mark Batterson, people who aren’t content with walking by faith and with Jesus’ work on our behalf. They have a very low view of God which is sad.

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