On not celebrating Christmas

Čeština: Moravskoslezské Beskydy, zima 2014, Author Pudelek (Marcin Szala)


All around we see winter’s beauty displayed,

God-given artistry in glorious array.


No touch of Christmas to burden the weary,

No tinsel tossed onto times that feel dreary.


God’s comfort always lifts us up,

His lovingkindness never puffs us up.


His counsel of quietness descends upon us,

Like pure snow crowning us with wisdom.




10 thoughts on “On not celebrating Christmas

  1. Beautiful poem and a thought I fully understand. To me, it is just another day but a day that God has made and a day meant to give Him glory, as all my days are meant to give Him glory. I try to keep the focus on doing the good works He assigns. Symbols have the meaning we assign to them and that meaning changes culturally, over time. I try to remember that and over look some of the things I know that others don’t know about the traditional symbols of Christmas. I refrain from Pagan practice and use the day as an opportunity to love others. I certainly, don’ t go into a materialist frenzy but it is an opportunity to help meet the needs of people I love. The world won’t conform to me and I’m not to conform to it but instead, be in it and not of it. Of course I’m not Catholic so, I can ex out the ‘mas’ right off the bat and keep Christ in December 25th. Remembering that helps me keep the right focus. Jesus is the reason for every season of my life. God b

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  2. This beautiful poem reminds of another blogger who was writing about her inexplicable lack of holiday “umph” for decoration, when she realized it wasn’t a lack of energy but a settled peace in her heart concerning Christmas, and she didn’t want to crowd it out with lots of activity. How often our celebration of Christmas crowds out Christ. God help me!

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