15 thoughts on “War Room’s Priscilla Shirer’s Contemplative History, and Why It Matters

  1. Thank you for posting this incredibly informing article. I would add to look up Madame Guyon and “Quietism”. She was imprisoned for her teachings on the silent prayer. She had several books published including a 20 volume commentary on the Bible.

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    • Miguel, thank you for your thoughtful and instructive post. As a young Catholic girl interested in mysticism, I read her autobiography – a spiritual autobiography. I didn’t know that she was considered a quietist or had written a commentary series. May I ask you if you were once a Roman Catholic? You aren’t obligated to answer – obviously. Roman Catholicism and church history are my areas of concern.

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      • Bless your heart. Being a Puerto Rican, there is a strong Catholic influence upon my People, but the funny thing about that, being that Catholicism itself is not well grounded, so their teachings are easily misappropriated. So I was a Pagan (I think this will make sense), thanks to the Catholic Church. Confusion upon confusion. But I am, by the Grace of God, a Baptist, and that due to the fact that they were the ones who satisfyingly explain, and represented the story of the Gospel message to me. The main thing is the record of the Bible, for me. Good question, however, shows that you are alert in examining what I wrote. I came across the subject of Guyon many years back due to some of the writings of Watchman Nee. And even that is a delicate subject but ask away. If you visit my site you will have a decent idea of my Faith. I’m not a Catholic.

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