Trick or treat, or neither

Luther Bible, 1534, photo taken by Torsten Schleese in Lutherhaus Wittenberg, 1999, Public Domain, via Wikimedia.

As an heir of the blessings bequeathed to us by the Reformation, I have said goodbye to Halloween – praise God! Before coming to the Lord Jesus Christ in repentance and faith, in my Catholic worldview, I had no clue about Reformation Day and its occurrence on the same date. In my world the Reformation meant only the man Martin Luther, whom I thought of as a kind of bestial person because of having read Jacque Maritain’s remarks about Luther’s appearance – that it matched his heretical soul.

Now I understand that a man may not be handsome but yet be a child of God, and rejoice that Luther, in his newly found faith, nailed his theses to the cathedral door. It’s all history from long ago – almost 500 years, 500 years in 2017. Other than blogging about this day, I don’t celebrate it. But I’m anxious about the approaching 500th celebration because from what I hear and also know about human nature, people are going to use this celebration to try to undo the work of God it represents by throwing a party with those who are deluded by Roman Catholicism, happy that they’re able to reunite with it. I can hear the party horns and firecrackers, see the party hats, imagine the raising of the cups to toast the demise of godly separation.

Let’s pray.

9 thoughts on “Trick or treat, or neither

  1. Hi Maria. They try to revoke the Reformation by war, “crusades”, Counter-Reformation. “Crusades” of sun-Baal-worship (cross of Tammuz, Nimrod), for Antichrist.

    The migration crisis in Europe is such part of it and it might be in position until 500 years anniversary. Civil war or the protection against that threat could bring back the modern Dark Ages. It seems to be in plain sight. Parallel is burning the predetermined breaking point in Ukraine.

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    • Stephan, as part of the Plan I’ve heard that the two world wars were provoked to change the map of Europe and bring back Roman domination of Europe. After more of this is put in place, do you see the focus heating up against Israel till the Lord intervenes for her? Do you see Islam as the destroyer of Rome?


      • In Europe the public atmosphere is political correct “pro O-bla-bla USA”. But a bit hiden, under the surface, they promote Putin, who could eventually fill the position of Gog from Magog, bringing war (against US and then) against Israel. A hard pill to swallow but only an possible option which seems to brew up.

        When migration crisis will come to the boiling point, Putin could march into Europe to “free” it. It would be all done for Babylon and its king, both serve him, and travle to Rome as kings of the earth.

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  2. Islam is a “sword” of Babylon, a mass murder (Revelation 6). It hates Jews and Christians, tries to conquer the world. Their religious routes are clear Babylonian. The “ten horns” is not Islam, at least not alone and “fire” is not a sword. This might be something different.

    Off 17:16 And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire.

    I expect that Islam will be consumed by Babylon before such events occur. Shia Isalm for example believes in a sinless, inerrant caliph. But this position is for Pontifex Maximus. So they need first to destroy Shia-Islam and unite the other Isalm under the One-World-Religion of Babylon.. Maybe this is one reason for the crusade against the Middle-East (Arabic Spring).

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