Ignoring History Leads to Ruin

Godly thoughts about history.

A Ruby In The Rough

Chopped trees

T.M. Moore:

Many valuable lessons can be learned from history… But if we choose to remain ignorant of these, and to live the faith of Christ rooted only in our own experience and the temper of the times, cut off root and branch from the work of God in the past, it will be much easier for us to be dislodged from our firm footing in the faith once for all delivered to the saints and kept by the Spirit of God through the faithful lives and ministries of those who have gone before.

And this path, Gildas wants us to understand, leads not to renewal, but to ruin.

Read more: https://www.ailbe.org/columns/scriptorium/item/5486-the-weight-of-history

HT: https://reformedchristianheritage.wordpress.com/2014/09/01/the-weight-of-history/

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