Pope Francis Remakes the Vatican

COVER IS FOR YOUR ONE-TIME EXCLUSIVE USE ONLY AS A TIE-IN WITH THE AUGUST 2015 ISSUE OF NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE. NO SALES, NO TRANSFERS. COVER MAY NOT BE CROPPED OR ALTERED IN ANY WAY. ©National GeographicIf you’re interested in this subject, you’ll find an article by this name in the August issue of National Geographic. The subtitle is: “Will the Pope change the Vatican? Or will the Vatican change the Pope?”

In light of Francis I’s planned visit to the US in September, and his addresses to a joint session of Congress and also to the UN, it is important to study the groundwork being laid for these events in the media. 

“Pope Francis Remakes the Vatican”

Photographer – Dave Yoder

Writer – Robert Draper

(Yoder and Draper have also collaborated on a soon-to-be-published National Geographic book: Pope Francis and the New Vatican.)

I plan to read the article and share my thoughts. It includes a short timeline called “Saints and Sinners” that necessarily omits many things, but the omissions are significant:

the Inquisition,

the Reformation,

and the Counter-Reformation

It does include a mention of Luther’s excommunication but no year is given, and of “Reforming Popes,” which notes 1540 as the year when

“Church leaders convene a council… to reform the church. They approve new religious orders that spread the Catholic faith through worldwide missions.”

This is a strange way to speak about the Council of Trent, with its many anathemas of Biblical faith and Christians. And why no mention of it by name?

1540 is not only the date when Paul III summoned this council but the date of his approval/establishment of Ignatius of Loyola’s Society of Jesus (the Jesuits). 

Watch the media, please.

5 thoughts on “Pope Francis Remakes the Vatican

  1. There is no new thing under the sun!

    The Vatican changes are only overtaking maneuvers, to gain full control in all areas of global life. The high ranking Babylonian Jesuits do this by infiltration and war. They worship the “god of forces” (Daniel 11:38), alias Baal-Semen, alias Jupiter (Olympus), alias Mars, alias fallen Lucifer: Satan.

    We don´t have to forecast the future, but to look into bible prophecy and history, to be prepared when the same things could reoccur. The death and Satan is through JESUS the MESSIAH already defeated. GOD´s resolutions are coming to pass without changes. We are here on transit in this world to represent and proclaim his kingdom. Our LORD bless and protect us all in JESUS name!

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